white kitchen hood

white kitchen hood

hello friends welcome to top 10 facts in justfor you channel. today i discuss about top 10 exhaust fan,those are energy savings and efficient for all types of kitchens and bathrooms. so let’s talk about it. 1. maa-ku ec exhaust fan:-this type of exhaust fan is for extra small kitchen and its size is 4.75 inches. this exhaust fan for multi-purpose use, itworks as cooling fan on the front face side and it works as exhaust fan on the reverseback face side.

it is longer lifetime than ac equivalent energysavings due to its free stand style. you can fit this fan on both side or if youwant to put this fan alone any where it stand alone without any fitting. 2. havells ventilair dsp 300mm exhaust fan :-this fan has innovative designs and excellent finishes. these fans are high speed and specially designedfor kids to dual color. this exhaust fan volts are 220 to 240 volts. 3.

havells ventilair exhaust fan with window(white) this fan is ideal for mounting on glass window. it is 150mm in diameter. it provides high qualities engineering plasticresistant to color change with anti-static properties. 4. usha crisp air premia bv 100mm exhaust fan(white) premia is light in weight and has noiselessblades for bathroom ventilation. this shaded pole motor design for long lastingoperation.

it also has rust proof body. 5. maa ku ac axial cooling blower exhaust rotaryfan, black ac axial fan size is 4.75 inches. this exhaust fan is good for small room. these ac axial fans are use in multipurposefunctions. these fans has free stand style. 6. usha crisp air 150mm exhaust fan (black)this exhaust fan with automatic shutter sleek

and stylish design with rust proof body andblades are noiseless and light in weight. 7. havells ventil air dx 200mm fan (off white)havells ventil air exhaust fan diameter is 200mm. this fan power capacity is 32 watts and operatingvoltage is 230 volts. 8. usha crisp air 250mm exhaust fan (pearl white)this usha exhaust fan is very light in weight with automatic shutter kindly and stylishdesign with rust proof body makes it performance excellent and its blades are noiseless.

9. havells ventilair dsp 230mm exhaust fanit is high-quality metal body and blades that provide optimum performance. this exhaust fan is suitable for your kitchen,bathroom or toilet. it will also keep your home smelling cleanwhen you have unexpected guests at home. this havells exhaust fan is reduce your electricitybill too. 10. usha crisp air 200mm exhaust fan (pearl white)this exhaust fan is light in weight with automatic shutter.

it has a stylish design and rust proof bodyand blades are noiseless. hope you like this video. if you like this please thumb sup below. if you are new viewer don't forget to subscribemy channel and click on notification bell get upcoming video notification in your mailbox. feel free to comments and share this video. thanks for watching.

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