white kitchen hardwood floors

white kitchen hardwood floors

hey there aaron here at flooringinc here totalk to you about the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring.both products are popular choices usually designed to look like naturalhardwood or stone. in fact they're often mistaken for the real deal and mostpeople can't really tell the difference between the two. so, we want to break downthe differences to help make your decision easier. let's start with laminate.laminate is a great choice for those who want to mimic real hardwood floorswithout sacrificing their bank account. it's solid without giving movement justlike traditional hardwood. laminate is typically comprised of four layers. thebacking layer, this is the backbone of

your plank, it's also referred to as astabilizing layer. the core layer, this is made with either high density or mediumdensity fiberboard higher quality laminate comes with higher density core.we love that it's more moisture resistant than the medium density options.the print layer, this is what makes laminate look like wood, stone, metal andmore. it can also include rougher, more natural-looking scrapes like hardwoodfloors. lastly you have the wear layer. this protects your floor and keeps it lookingfantastic after 10 plus years. now let's talk about vinyl flooring. vinyl's oftenmistaken for laminate. that's because it's quickly taking over the market with morerealistic wood and stone looks than ever

before. vinyl is also less high maintenancethan laminate. vinyl, like laminate, is typically comprised of four layers justusing different materials. the backing layer, the backbone of the plank. the core.this part is solid vinyl. these cores are high-density, moisture resistant andbuilt to last. the printed vinyl layer. this is where your style and designcomes from. it can mimic wood, stone and other natural materials.lastly the wear layer. the thicker the wear layer the moreprotection you'll have for your floor. it's like your vinyls personal bodyguard.there's that really much for price difference between laminate and vinyl.the top-end luxury vinyl you may pay a

little more for than a top-end of laminate.that is because the highest quality luxury vinyl often includes a waterproofcore, and ultra thick wear layer. for the middle-of-the-road, beautiful and goodquality options they're honestly pretty comparable. it is also important todiscuss installation costs with your installer. most laminate is installed asa floating floor that means you don't need any glue tape etc you just lay downright on top of your existing floor. making it super diy friendly. vinyl onthe other hand ranges and has several installation types includinginterlocking, glue down, floating and loose lay at varying difficulties.laminate is awesome for places with

little to no moisture. the floor is notnearly as resistant to moisture as vinyl. vinyl can be installed anywhere;bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc. thank you for joining us. if any questions feelfree to reach out to us on our web site via live chat or give us a call, we'd behappy to help!

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