white kitchen floor

white kitchen floor

hey guys welcome back to my channel. sotoday's video is going to be an update on the tile paint that we used in thelaundry and guest bathroom of our house. it's been about two almost two years nowso i think i'm pretty sure it was the end of october that i can you get on i'mpretty sure it was the end of october when i paid to the laundry and then ipainted the bathroom just a couple months later i want to say in thedecember but i'm not 100% sure definitely i'll try over though alaundry i did a video on when i paid to the laundry which has had a quite a fewviews lately and a lot of people have been asking how the child paint isholding it up you know a year and a half

later i thought i'd come in here andyeah just like you know show you what the tiles look like now and so let youknow what i still what i think about the tile paint now that has been a couple ofyears so first of all i painted the laundry first i used the rustoleumtile paint and at the time when i did paint my laundry they only had pretinted paint so you have a choice of three different options white gray and ican't remember what the third was but i'm pretty sure there was a third one you couldn't actuallytint the color to whatever you wanted whereas the white knight one, which iswhat i used to paint the bathroom that one you could tend to that but i'mpretty sure now that rust-oleum have

changed their paint so you can have ittinted to whatever color you would like you want to see when i actually paintedthe laundry i will leave a link below and probably annotation or somethingsomewhere around here to say to go have a look so you can see what it look likewhen i was doing it and sort of the technique that i used and what i thoughtabout it straight away so have a watch of that if you want tootherwise i'll show you what the tiles are looking like now like i say it'sbeen about two years and but i'll take you down to have a look that's what thelaundry and bathroom look like at the moment. okay so in the laundry, whichwas the first room that i did which is

the room as well i did the actual videoon so i did the floor tiles and the both on the laundry obviously and then the the border tile on the wall that was all painted with the tilepaint the first time i did it. i had this rug down pretty much straight awayi think i put it down maybe a week after we've got the tile paint done. j ustbecause the color of the tile paint was really really stark white and it justmade the room really really clinical i mean it's a laundry so it's not gonnalook cozy or anything but it just it was too white so this is how itis looking at the moment it's held up pretty much perfectly. it's been like twoyears now, like i said earlier and

there's only and i'll just find it -there's one little chip that i found down here. right down here you can see itthat's the blue of the tile peeking through here and here -- so these three little marks and the only chips that ican see and they are i mean in comparison with another that they'retiny you can't really say them if you're standing up. so you can hardly seethem when you're standing up there really not noticeable. i think the factthat we have the rug in here is a big part of the reason why it's held up sowell because when you walk in here you pretty much walk directly onto the mat. another thing i wanted to show you - i didn't mop

this little area because i wanted toshow you what the grout looks like when it gets dirty so it basically becauseyou painted the grout it still is the same sort of finish as the tile so it'skind of shiny so when the dirt gets in there obviously, which you can vacuum upand you mop and everything, i mean it comes off really really easy it does youcan see the build-up and everything so because you can see how easy i justwiped that away with my finger so if i had a mop or if i was you know doingthis by hand it would be really really easy and like i said i didn't vacuum thisarea so a lot of it was just loose dirt that came up. so they're really easyto clean and when you do you know get in

there with a wipe or something,it's gonna come up really, really easily. so i just wanted to show you thatjust so you could see what it was like when it was dirty. overall i'm really,really happy with how it turned out. the toilet is pretty good as well. thereis one chip in the toilet as well. so just down here there's a chip there,i'm not sure what caused it - probably the vacuum cleaner to be honest because whenyou're vacuuming, you know, the vacuum cleaner is a hard surface and if youbash down quite roughly then it is probably gonna chip. okay so the otherbathroom, which i didn't do a video when i painted the bathroom so you might nothave seen a before shot of this unless

you watched my home to us so in thebathroom i painted the floor the side tiles on the wall and sarah in the bathi painted the inside of the shower which wasn't the floors tile but the the wallswere like a laminate kind of finished i think i think it's a letter i think youcall them in it in plastic you i think to be no fiberglass fiberglass at thewalls of fiberglass so they also had a bit of honey cloth mold or mildew in thecore which i didn't replace i just painted sort of over it so it's reallybad in the corners but that was there before that and you couldn't sort ofpaint the actual cork because it's made of in the silicone is silicon at thecore it's not paintable or anything so

the black marks that you can see ourmilled you that were in the silicone court before i paint it i also paintedthe the bathroom sink unit so the base part which is what i painted that isusing tor plant i think it was and then the top which is a laminate and theseekers lament as well they use the tile paint to do that so um this paint had ai did add some color to it i can't read what the color is called but it wasobviously some kind of white but it was a bit more of an antique white i'd saythen they're flat white which i really like i prefer the color of this one hereit's not so stark now the wall tiles are perfect you couldn't even tell that theyare painted you can't do this muck here

that was because when i painted the wallabove here i drew a peg on the tiles are so sad and then i didn't want to sort ofgo to hardcore removing and i didn't notice it was there until after i hearddry so we just live with that that just pretend it's not there uh-huhso that's what that looks like these tiles look great as wellthis wall again you couldn't even tell that it was painted it's really reallygood it's kind out really really well the floor again pretty good pretty good there's a few but because the grout is alot thicker in here you can see the grout lines are a lot wider than in thelaundry and they are so if they're more

gritty than the laundry that this is apart way it's not dirty it's just where i didn't use a lot of the tile paint soit's got a texture to it there's no dirt there it's just the grout showing it'sright because i didn't use enough paint what i paid to this area the areasaround the corners as well same thing some of it is due out this little partnurse that's dirty uneducated they're really cleaned up and then up here andthis is the only place that i've honored this isone of the other patents i found two vases with chips in here so in this areawhich i'm pretty sure i did straightaway like i don't think it wasvery long before i did that you can see

that it's the color of the tile that wasunderneath before i painted it so it's not very obvious if you just sort oflike standing back here but i know it's there so it's definitely i candefinitely tell it's there the other place is under the rug which should rubthe towel which is here this is right on the grout line and i think i did thiswith a vacuum cleaner again it's quite obvious because it's dark so you couldsee it looks from a fire it looks like it's this appendage oh at least youvacuumed up but if you get up close you can see that it's definitely the groutthat's showing through from the unlit the paint this section here we say thatit's darker that again is just the grout

texture coming through where i didn'tuse very much tar paint there but you can see the rest of the and even hereyou can certainly use much paint yeah and you can see the sort of color fromthe top coming through underneath as well the shower what we've really onlyused to have at homes we don't really use this bathroom for showering so it'shella it looks exactly the same as it did the day that i've done it the walltiles wouldn't be hotel that they're painted definitely the floor is a littlebit worse but that's only because like i said before the meals you in the silicongraphics and the bottom the rest of the bathroom is pretty much fine the sink iswhere you can really notice her because

you actually do look around the i didpaint the plug which was really great it really doesn't replacing this whole thiswhole unit but yeah for now like i said this is fine this was what it lookedlike before like i'm gonna it's not i think you can you meant to use a peametal but i did anyway and it looked pretty much like that from day one it'snot right and if i scrub it comes off of it worse and this is a really the areathat you would notice that the actual service itself looks fine again you cantell that it's been painted i would say it doesn't look like it's that's what itwas meant to me the surface turned out pretty good but again it's not perfectby any means

um clock looks terrible and you can seein the back actually that's what the plughole look like so again this isdisgusting really needs to be replaced i'm going around to it but that is whatthe plug hole in at the sink look like but i tried to paint it so that wasnever gonna work out very well for me neither so as you can see they areholding up pretty well it's been a say two years the the laundry is kind of ahigh-traffic area but again that that rug that's in there doesn't solve a lotof it whereas the bathroom we use the bath quite often the kids will have ashower in our but in the ensuite if they have a shower but the bath gets used ona weekly basis and then obviously when i

get we have guests around they use thatbathroom to wash their hands after using the bathroom that kind of thing so itdoes get used and there are couple little chips on their marks that sort ofi can't really scrub off because the paint would come off with it in myopinion the tile paint is a really good option if you have realisticexpectations about it it's not as durable as an actual tile that you couldget laid but it will definitely definitely help you to update your housein the interim while you're waiting to say i do to be able to do a properrenovation i would definitely recommend that they're both okay i'm pretty surein my opinion the quality of both those

brands is pretty much on par i didnotice a difference when i painted the bathroom that with the bathroom one ofwhich i know which was then white night there was a primer that you had to putdown before you put the actual paint down that was a big difference that ialways had to talk about in the video that i did on the laundry whereas thelaundry paint which was the rust-oleum it was just the primer was in with theactual paint itself so oh the other thing i wanted to say as well they painthasn't yellowed i know i had a few comments on my video where i did thelaundry that the paint will probably start to yellow soon and i haven'tnoticed any discoloration at all it's

still the color that i painted it sothat might happen i'm assuming it will happen eventually but it hasn't happenedyet and i don't know if that's because as well there's no direct sunlight thatcomes into those rooms it's all we have patios around the entire house so anylight that comes through is filtered you don't there's no sun directly hittingthose tiles i reckon that would make a huge difference but with thediscoloration so that's why just keep in mind as well i would definitelyrecommend these if you don't have the budget to retile an area that you justcan't stand i could not stay in the look of our bathroom or water it removedit was it was really outdated it really

just seededa blank slate and the plan is still to get those rooms retail eventually if youhave any other questions about the tile paid please feel free to layers belowand i will definitely answer them again an expert in painting or anything likethat already kind of home renovation but i just do what i can within my budget somy budgets not huge so i just have to make do a lot at the time so that wasthe other thing this was a really affordable option both options i think ispent about $200 on the paint painting the floors so that was for me anaffordable way to get those rooms to my kind of tastes without completely havingto fork out a lot of money so yeah

overall definitely recommend just berealistic about your expectations it's not going to last forever it's not gonnabe you know a hundred percent real like real life tile you have to really put inthe effort when you applying the tile paint you can't just be slap-happyslapdash and you know on your way because it you really do need to applyenough paint each tile as you saw in the bathroom with i did skimp a little bityou can see the grout coming through you can see the color of tons of deathcoming through if you get up close up for far away it's fine but if you youknow a really a detailed person you're gonna notice that that's gonna drive youbonkers um but yet overall definitely

recommend it's definitely holding out tomy citations i'm very happy with it and yes i if you have any questions pleaselet them down below i will try and answer them as best i canyeah thank you so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed that i hope itwas helpful for you i know when i was wanting to paint the tiles myself i waslooking everywhere for reviews and there wasn't a lot at the time i think there'sa few more now because now more people are aware that you can paint tiles usingthese these products so i think there's a few more videos out there now but wheni was looking for it at first it was nothing and also i don't know there'sgonna be very many videos that sort of

show you what it's like two years on oryou know a good time on so hopefully it was helpful for you if you'reconsidering painting your tile again thank you so much for watching leave mea thumbs up if you enjoyed the video subscribe if you're new and you want tosee more from me and i will talk to you guys next time

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