white kitchen cupboards

white kitchen cupboards

painting kitchen cabinets. so i get asked, “should i paint my kitchencabinets instead of installing new ones?” welcome to burning questions. i’m mark and that is your burning questionfor today. [ music playing ] my first question is why do you want to paintyour kitchen cabinets? and there are many reasons why our customerswant to paint their cabinets. the first reason is they want to change theoverall look of their kitchen. secondly, consumers choose this route forbudget purposes because it costs less to paint

than to replace cabinets. i am a proponent of painting your kitchencabinets if you're looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your kitchen's appeal. so how do we go about getting your cabinetspainted? the process is fairly simple. we recommend removing all hardware and markingwhere each piece of hardware will go back. then we sand and clean the surface with acleaning agent such as denatured alcohol. after the area around is prepped and covered,then we would apply by spray application a bonding primer.

the cabinets are then followed up with twocoats of a high quality cabinet paint. this is a great opportunity to change outyour old hardware and install something more up to date. maybe you're just tired of the bright brassand are ready to switch to a satin nickel or a rubbed bronze. don’t forget to allow ample amount of timefor your doors to dry before reinstallation. another quick tip it to make sure you applynew acrylic or rubber bumpers on the edge of the doors and drawers. this is going to give you a beautiful newlooking kitchen, saving you thousands of dollars

versus installing new cabinets. this is a great option if you aren’t goingto be staying in your house for a long time. you get an updated kitchen, but not have alot of money invested in it. but keep in mind, we always remind our customersthat there are some downsides to painting their cabinets. first would be, since you are going over apre-finished surface, the greater the chance there will be chipping of paint due to removaland replacing of pots, pans and dishes on a daily basis. also since it is a sprayed application, ifyou do get some chips on the doors, it really

is harder to touch up and make look good again. also, your nails can easily scratch the surfacedue to your daily activity in the kitchen area. if you plan on staying in your home for 3-10years, then installing new cabinets would probably be the wiser of the two choices. i think it is important that as a contractorwe explain both benefits, costs, and negative results that could arise when making a decisionof painting your kitchen cabinets or replacing them. thanks again for joining us.

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