white kitchen cabinets with grey walls

white kitchen cabinets with grey walls

[music playing] adjoining spaces within your home can pose a challenge when you'retrying to choose paint colors for your walls. don't stress. here are a few tips to help youcreate a pleasing color flow from one areaof your home to the next. the foyer makesa great first impression when using a dramatic,darker color in the entranceway

like georgian bay, and a lighter shade likefleur de sel in the background, making your living space seem more open and spaciousthe moment you walk in. trying to create harmony betweena main room and an open stairway, painting all of the trim, including railings and handrail,in the same color does the trick. try a color like spearmint paired here withpure white on the walls.

do you prefer a brightcolor scheme in your home, but have a dark narrowhallway to contend with? a light color paintlike blue horizon in a glossy finish,is a brilliant idea. paint your hallway wallsand trim the same light color to add height to your ceilingand width to your floor. have your heart set ona bold color like invigorate, but don't want to overdo it? use it as your primary colorin one room

and as an accent color in theadjoining room to tie them together. black fox makesa high contrast complement do your living room and dining roomshare a common wall? extend a single coloracross the wall and paint your trim a shade lighteror darker to make it stand out. here we see neutral groundand dovetail. if your rooms sharea wall feature like a soffit try painting it the same coloras your wall, so it blends in. here we see a lighter neutral:magnetic gray.

in large, open areas, don't be afraid to simply goextra white on your walls and use vivid colored accessoriesto bring it all to life. walls aren't always the answerto connecting your interior spaces. using a lighter shade likerock candy across your ceiling offers a sophisticatedand stylish way to create a finishedlook to your room. shown here withfoggy day on the walls. achieve harmony in the family,

in the color family that isthroughout your home by visiting sherwin-williams.com. simply type in any color name then select a color block to viewan array of coordinating colors. with sherwin williams you can be confidentthat your home's color scheme will flow harmoniouslyand beautifully.

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