white kitchen cabinets with green walls

white kitchen cabinets with green walls

picking the right colors for your kitchen that can embody the style of your entire family is no picnic. you might find your kids bickering over what hues that would suit your kitchen perfectly. why do you have to stick to one hue if you can combine them to combat the mundane look of your kitchen and provide good vibes. in this video, i am going to show you

10 colorful kitchen design inspirations by simphome.com that will make your kitchen look more attractive. 10. go eclectic with bold cabinets eclectic style is kind of trend now. it allows you to express your limitless idea and go wild. but, don’t mistake eclectic style for mess. eclectic style is not about throwing a clutch of colors and shapes carelessly,

and make such a haphazard look. picking one color hue as the core color palette of the dã©cor is important. in this kitchen, you can find blue hues dominating the kitchen as the core while light green gives a splash of color to the kitchen. both of them are nature-inspired palette that perk your kitchen up.

if you want to go wilder without giving your guests eyesore, you can try adding a long rope holding colorful kitchen utensils over the worktop. 9. diy framed fake fruits all-white kitchen color can make your kitchen look clean, neat, and hygienic. however, it also looks boring, too. try freshening it up with colorful fake fruits

hanging on the wall. these fake fruits look exactly the same as the real one, except the edible part. they would nicely add tints of colors to your kitchen without outclassing the interior. since this is a diy project, you’re going need to make it yourself.

you’re going to need some fake fruits or veggies of your choice, shadowboxes, and hot glue gun. first, open the shadowbox then lay the fruits on the backing foam to see how it would look best. if you think the arrangement suits your style well, you can begin applying some hot glue to the fruits, then attach them one by one.

be careful not to lay them over the edges as you’ll find it hard to replace the box. and, you’re done! you can hang it on your kitchen or dining room to make a fresh centerpiece. 8. super cheap focal point does the blank space in your kitchen bother you? it feels like as if you wanted to do something with it, but you haven’t made up your mind yet.

adorning the blank space in your kitchen doesn’t have to splurge out on fancy accessories. you can even find anything you need right in your kitchen and storage room. let’s begin with getting some well-worn boards in your storage room and cut them off to form the monogram of e, a, and t denoting what this room is all about.

if you think it’s too simple and you wish to elaborate it a little bit, you can get some platers and paint them as you please and hang them around the monograms. do you want some more? print out a quotation on a board and hang it along with giant spoon and fork on the wall. you can also add a shutter and one or two aprons hanging on a hook to jazz the wall up.

7. bring the positive vibes of nature want to color up your kitchen a little bit, but don’t wanna banish the simple look of it? you can rely on flowers and fruits. flowers have always been a convenient way to decorate any room including your kitchen. the beautiful colors of flowers can freshen up and give the positive vibes instantly, just like what you can see here.

white hue makes it look simple yet elegant. but if it were all white, the kitchen would be bland. thanks to the gorgeous delphinium and the fresh green apples that sit on the kitchen island. they perfectly add more nuance to your kitchen. 6. aquamarine peel and stick glass tiles do you feel bored with the look of your backsplash and wanna give your kitchen a new look?

just install peel-and-stick glass tiles. these tiles work like a magic. you won’t have to remove your current tiles which is time consuming, for sure. all you need to do is just peeling the paper backing off and stick them on the existing tiles. easy isn’t it? and this aquamarine glass tiles are just great when paired with the clean and white cabinets.

the combination of the tiles and the white cabinets provide a calming ambience to the kitchen. 5. vintage and eclectic style kitchen you might be amazed with this kitchen as it consists of various colors, but the harmony remains there. the key point is choosing and arranging the color schemes meticulously. this kitchen features red kitchen island

with sleek brown worktop. to complement the island, red plate racks and stripped curtains are added to accentuate the windows. the blue kettle also teams up with blue cups to beef the kitchen up. not to mention the baby blue cabinets and brown stool and chairs that give the touch of rustic look to your kitchen.

4. fresh green for fresh mind idea green is synonymous with nature. and that’s the reason why this kitchen looks fresh with green and some splashes of yellow and pink color items combination. the wooden floor and cabinets also conjure up the moment you spent your sunny day in your backyard. and, by the way,

i like the infuse water that adds a little bit yellow to this kitchen. 3. colorful modern farmhouse kitchen modern farmhouse kitchens tend to be rustic, but it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to expand your creativity with colors. again, white can make a pretty good canvas for your kitchen because it is neutral. however, you can go with vibrant color like red

for your kitchen island’s paint. to balance the look, you can add a subtler hue like baby blue for the stove. if you think it’s not enough, investing in colorful tableware and kitchen utensils displayed in glass-door cabinets will be nice. but keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard. using the hues similar to the island, floor, and stoves would be better.

2. personalize your kitchen the idea of adding many colors to your kitchen is to make it suits your style harmonically. so, if you want to be as wild as you desire in decorating your kitchen, just do it. you are the one that will spend most of your time there cooking some delectable foods anyway, aren’t you?

you don’t have to stick to a certain hue, by the way. even blue cabinets can get along well with an antique colorful rug. before we get to number 1, i suggest you to press subscribe button above comment area if this channel is new to you, this way, you will get a new notification every time i published a new video.

1. be creative with your kitchen utensils coloring up your kitchen doesn’t always entail a lot of work. in fact, it can be a fun activity that you can do with your family including your kids. they’re gonna love painting the wooden spatula. it’s a win-win solution. you can get a colorful kitchen that you want, and your kids get a lot of fun playing with colors.

so that’s all 10 colorful kitchen design inspirations that you can try at home. i hope you enjoyed it. that’s it for now, before you leave, i welcome you to use comment area if you have anything to say. press like button because you still let my voice fills your brain

and see you again later with more video like this in the near future. i hope. see you soon next time and thanks for watching.

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