white kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

white kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

new year is coming. you’re going to have a new hope, new look, and maybe a new kitchen? why not? everything is possible if you do it now. the sooner, the better. let’s begin with knowing how you want your kitchen to look so you can list what you’re going to need before doing any kitchen makeover. if you haven’t got any idea yet, don’t worry!

i’ve collected 10 kitchen makeover ideas for your new year treat. so, what are you waiting for? let’s check it out! as always, this list is brought to you by simphome.com 10. butcher block countertop and white subway tiles this kitchen looks dull with green cabinets and pink countertops worsening the tiny size, making the cooking time become one of the most stressful chores. if your kitchen has the same problem,

you need to upgrade it as soon as possible for a more relaxing cooking time. you can opt for butcher block countertops for a timeless charm that won’t cost you a fortune. besides being relatively inexpensive, butcher block countertops tend to be diy-friendly so you can save more bucks if you install them yourself, not to mention the warmth provided by these countertops. you don’t have to replace the green cabinets as it can be pricey and take a lot of time. just paint them white and you’ll get new cabinets with their top-notch look. white subway tiles with gray grout complement the cabinets perfectly.

9. make it bigger if you think your kitchen is small, why don’t you just rip your wall off and merge the kitchen with another room like your dining room? it will give extra space to your kitchen and make it look and feel much larger. besides, an open-kitchen style is kind of on trend now, allowing you to be busy in the kitchen while maintaining the on-going conversation. the crisp white cabinets and island paired with glossy black countertops provide the sleek design that makes this kitchen look modern.

two classic pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island add a bit of rustic look here. 8. granite countertops for a luxurious look when it comes to bring luxury to your kitchen, nothing can beat the upscale look provided by granite countertops. granite countertops feature natural patterns and colors that can make your kitchen look lavish. they are also heat and scratch resistant so you don’t need to worry about placing a hot pan onto it because it won’t be jeopardized. to accentuate the shabby chic look,

off-white countertops with crown moldings are mounted on the wall. and the chandelier hanging above the kitchen island is really the icing on the cake. 7. add a nook in the kitchen on the new year’s eve, your veritable army will be coming over for dinner which means you will need more seats. well, you don’t have to purchase more chairs. you will only need to add a nook in your kitchen along with doing some kitchen makeover to impress your guests. the first thing is you need to repaint your kitchen.

soft beige with white beadboard paneling would be nice. then, make a long bench as the nook that can accommodate many guests. incorporate additional storage solutions by installing some drawers under the bench. to appeal the eyes and amuse your guests, hang some photos or paintings in the eating area. 6. ditch the wall-mounted cabinets for a busy person like you who needs to do many kinds of things at once, you do need an easy access to your storage. therefore, just rip your cabinets off.

you don’t need them as you keep opening and closing the cabinets’ doors which takes more time. investing on open shelves to store your spices and condiments would be better. you can get a super easy access when grabbing the spices you need. spices and condiments stored in clear jars add natural colors that perk your kitchen up. adding textural elements can also jazz your kitchen up. you can install mosaic-tile backsplash instead of white subway tiles which are in line with the tongue and groove paneling. the two woven bamboo planters hanging on the white paneling highlight the textural elements. 5. let’s change the color

to give your kitchen a lively lift on the cheap is by repainting it. and, of course, white has always been your go-to color as it opens up your space as well as making it visually larger. this kitchen looks more terrific after being repainted. white beadboard paneling covers the kitchen island. new backsplash is also installed to make the kitchen look fresher. two elegant pendant lights also hang over the kitchen island, illuminating the gray granite countertop. 4. an entertaining kitchen for everyone

turn your kitchen into a multi-purposes room for multiple users who come over for dinner. to achieve this ultimate goal, you’re gonna need to expand the top of your kitchen island so everybody can sit and enjoy the meal at the island. since everybody is in your kitchen while waiting for you fixing the meal, you need to display something that can steal their focus like your beautiful cups and glasses. having glass-door cabinets will help you show them off in an epic way. 3. add pops of color to the kitchen as a place where you have to spend much time doing the chores,

your kitchen needs to be decorated so it will look more appealing. the natural and effective way to do this is by storing your spices in clear glass jars and put them on shelves. you can also try to cover the ductwork with reclaimed wood panels that have been painted previously to add pops of color to your tedious kitchen. and for the backsplash, you can just install white subway tiles instead of the colored ones. trust me! you don’t wanna go overboard. 2. textural elements for the kitchen island

i always love the textural look provided by the faux stone panels because it can bring the nature charm to the house. so, why don’t you try installing those panels in your kitchen? this kitchen island provides an upscale look and a warm ambience to your kitchen, thanks to the gray faux stone paneling. it would look great in your french country kitchen. to kick it up a notch, you can add four white corbels that look as if they were supporting the countertop. before we get to number 1,

i suggest to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you and bell icon beside it. that way, you'll recieve notification directly in your mail box. everytime i publish new video. 1. white kitchen with a chalkboard the last but not least, this white kitchen. just like what i said previously, white has always been your go-to color when it comes to expand your kitchen visually.

and to make the kitchen look more elegant, granite countertop with pendant lights hanging over it are added. you can also use up the available space lying dormant next to the sink by installing chalkboard on it. this chalkboard will help you list your grocery or menu. you can even write memos on it. so. those are 10 kitchen make over ideas for your new year’s eve that can impress your guests and family who will be coming over for the meal and hospitality. i hope you’ll like at least one of them and that include your relatives.

that's it. before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share with anyone inside your close friend. or family list. come again next with more home and decorating ideas, and until that time, thanks for watching.

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