white kitchen cabinets with glass doors

white kitchen cabinets with glass doors

this basically are profile shutters. you can use these as cabinet shutters. these are not made of wood. these are made of aluminum. handles for these shutters come along with cabinets as complete set. these shutters can be customized. if you want we can make it as per your requirement. let me show you the inner design. this is the aluminum frame designed.

these are auto-hinges fitted to cabinet and door. you have many colors available in this. aluminum finish, s.s finish and chrome finish. these 3 colors are available. or you can get it anodized in whichever color you want. and the center material used is glass. here i have used laminate so that the kitchen unit here looks complete. here you can use anything from back-painted glass, frosted glass

or any other material you want to use. so here you have installed laminate over glass? yes. to give a constant look . how is the laminate fitted? is it just fitted inside the frame? yes. there's no other process to it. second thing, is the handles. these are concealed handles.

right, you haven't given different handles to this. yes. you don't get separate handles to such shutters. if you want you can put it. but the company provides these shutters with concealed handles only. you also have these which you pull vertically. this is a shutter. these edges have been of the frame have been extended and you can use as handle.

let me show you colors in this. this is called chrome finish. this is called as s.s finish. and this is aluminum finish. these profile handles if you want to use in drawers full-length, concealed style, you have these profile. this is called as g-section these get installed in complete drawer length.

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