white kitchen cabinets with dark island

white kitchen cabinets with dark island

today i am headed to my daughter-in-lawshouse to accessorize her kitchen. normally, i'm going to a client's houseto design multiple rooms but i'm really excited to kind of focus on a simpleproject today so we're headed over there right now. so this is my daughter-in-lawskitchen. it's beautiful they just built this house and we collaborated a littledesign together but today we focus on accessories. now she has two young littlemunchkins and yes they are bloomin' adorable, so i kind of like keep the designpretty simple but yet beautiful. all right, we're going to start with thecoffee area. i really don't like cords showing but it's difficult when all yourappliances have cords. what we're going

to do is push that back and hide it withthis adorable letter board. next i want to add some canisters she already had these.i love them because they're glass and clear and you can see what's inside themand it's a perfect spot set right next to the coffee maker but we're stillmissing something and all we need is a little bit of greenery and this area is done!now we're gonna accessorize to the left of the stove.look at this beautiful tile my daughter-in-law picked it, excellentchoice. it's a glass tile, it's a spa blue. so i found some pottery look at thisflowers have a little bit of green in them and they just make that tile pop.how beautiful is that? to add a little

softness we're gonna place a cookbookjust leaned up against the tile. this area is finished! all right now we'reready to do the right side of the stove. she already has a gorgeous kitchen aidmixer so we've got a little box with a little maiden hair fern in it. she also had agorgeous pitcher full of wooden spoons a perfect spot right next to the stove andthat is all you need in that area. another way to accessorize your kitchenis just add some cute little salt and pepper shakers on the top of your stove. so i'm just gonna add some soap and lotionright up against the faucet. we don't need to overcrowd the sink

so we're gonna decorate this side of theisland. this is a big area but don't overcrowd it. remember, she's got twolittle munchkins so an easy way to do that is to decorate with the tray sothat whatever you're placing on the tray make it look beautiful. it's easy to pickup and move out of the way quickly. i like this tray because it's mirroredso i'm going to set it there. i'm going to add a little bit greenery with thislittle boston fern in a cute little pot just these three little candles that'sall you need. so when it comes to accessorizing yourkitchen, keep it simple and neat and you're going to make it beautiful! i wantto thank my daughter-in-law for letting

me use her house today to film. pleasesubscribe to my channel, i'll have another video out next week and i hopeyou have a wonderful day!

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