white kitchen cabinets with black appliances

white kitchen cabinets with black appliances

a big part of the kitchen is covered by cabinets,so the style and look of the kitchen is carried by what the cabinets look like. the first thing to consider when creatinga look and design for the kitchen is its overall theme. what color combinations are there to consider.the paint of the walls should complement the color of the floors. after considering all of the things that willgo into the kitchen, one could choose the kitchen cabinet paint colors one would beusing. if one decides to make the kitchen brighterone could choose light and cool paint colors.

light colors are pleasant to the eye and couldmake cooking very pleasant. if one decides a more modern look, like havingappliances and counters that are in the color of stainless steel, one can opt for paintsthat are colored white accented by light cool colors like avocado green or light yellow. an alternative for light colors are dark contrastcolors that would create a regal look and feel. one could use the kitchen cabinet paint colorsthat are combinations of black and red or black and red orange colors. these colors combined with stainless steelappliances and dark counter tops would create

a feel of a kitchen that a young professionalwould use. for a more classic look, one could keep thewooden color of the cabinets. one could just varnish or coat the kitchen cabinets withprotective paint. one can also use kitchen cabinet paint colorsthat are a close color tone to wood. a wooden toned kitchen cabinets and drawersgo great with white and stainless steel colored appliances. another classy look would be painting thecabinets, drawers, and walls white. to keep it from looking boring, one couldaccent it with other light colors. combined with light colored counter tops andwooden floors and furniture a great classic

look can be achieved. one should always think about which stylewould fit one’s preferences. one could always ask a professional’s opinionon what design and style would go well with one’s kitchen.

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