white kitchen cabinets lowes

white kitchen cabinets lowes

- i'm monica mangin, and ibelieve that updating your home doesn't have to take a tonof time or money. i show people how to getpinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. - this doesn't even look likeour house. - are you kidding me?- whoa. - i'm a little dizzy! - give me one weekend,i'll give you five projects, and you'll have a completelytransformed space by monday.

[rock music] ♪ ♪ this week i'm helpinga super creative family with a craft room makeover, and i'm really jazzed upabout this because it's the first time i'm getting to tackle this kindof space on "the weekender," and it's right up my alley. so this family has five kids,

and they're allreally creative. and they have all the craftsupplies you could ever want. it's kind of like my dreamcome true. but the space isn'treally inspirational. it's just kind of lackinga personality, and that's where i come in. [inquisitive pop music] all right, so this isa crafty oasis, huh? - this is a crafty oasis.i love it down here.

i bring my kids down here,or i send them down here, whenever we're busy, we'remaking dinner, or they're bored or it's a sunday. - you're like checking thingsout here. - i haven't been down herein, like, three months. [laughter] - me too.a little longer. - you're not the crafty onein the family? - uh, i changethe air conditioning filter

and the smoke detectorbatteries, and that's about it. - that's about it.- he's handy. - hi, i'm gershon.- and i'm aleeza. and we're really excitedthat monica is here with us. - we've got a bunch of kids-- exactly aleeza has sixchildren; i have five. i'm her oldest.- [laughs] - it's so neat to havean entire room for creativity. - i wanted to have a spacefor my kids.

my daughter's artistic.i'm artistic. my boys love being creativeand having lots of fun building projects. - and making a mess.- and making a huge mess. and the dining room table-- - that's one of the reasonswhy i don't come down here. - right.[laughter] - well, you have the perfectroom for it. you have organization.like, everything's labeled.

- we have bins.right, so my mom was a preschool teacher. she passed awayalmost two years ago. - okay.- and we got left with all the supplies. she had them all in binsand organized. this is all her organization.- oh, that's really special. - so this is a credit to mom. yeah, we call itthe bubby store,

because that's grandma--that means "grandmother"-- and the kids were able to goshopping and bring home all theirlittle treasures. and so now we haveall the treasures here. - okay, so this isbubby's store now. - this is the bubby store. she was super creative, so we have all of thosecrafts and supplies. so we basically have our owncraft store

right in our own basement. we've got stuff. we've gotplenty of stuff to do. it's just nota very exciting space, and it needs some pizzazz. - i think that you haveall the right elements, but i don't feel like the spaceis inspiring creativity yet. - right.- so we have everything we could possibly need;i think we're just missing the inspiration anda little bit of style.

- yes.- so we'll grab bins and get everything out of here.okay? [pop music] this week i've got mycarpenter friend ben helping us navigate allthe amazing projects to come. all right, gonna do somepainting. - painting!- all right. so i'll show you what i havein mind for this space. - okay.- any guesses?

- uh, hmm,i hope it's not gray, because i really hate gray. if you open gray,i'm gonna be like, "okay. i'm gonna learn to love gray." - you're gonna learnto love gray. that's funny.- oh, no. - that's funny. good to know this. and...

here's your new gray paint.[laughter] - that is not color! where's the pop of color! i need color, monica! - all right, all right, so i hear what you're saying. however, i have so much colorplanned for this space, that if we make your wallscolorful, it's gonna be straight-upcircus in here.

- okay. i trust you.that's why you're here. i totally trust you.- good. i was like, "first project.just don't give me gray." - i mean, i still don't likeit, but i'm gonna do it. it's gray. i think the only color thati really don't like is gray. once we have, like,paintings on the wall or something on the wallother than gray, i think it's gonna be fabulous,

but i don't like gray. [laughs] it's gray.[laughs] this is white,and that is gray. - okay, well, compared towhite walls it's gray. - but it's not dark gray.- it's not dark gray. if you want me to do allthe painting, i will, because i feelslightly horrendous. - i will totally jump inand help you paint.

- chick hates this color. aleeza is not a fan of gray, and she is not afraidto let me know. in fact, i kind of thinkshe's roasting me a bit. [upbeat rock music] this is pretty special. aleeza may not be on board now, but i know she will be. the gray will merely actas the perfect backdrop

for the whole design, whichwill certainly incorporate some stronger colors.just wait and see. ben's been outside prepping ournext project, which will bring in some muchneeded storage organization and workspace for the family. all right, so you and i aregoing to work on one of our first big builds, and i just finished a projectwith your wife, and i'm kind of hoping thatthis one goes a little better.

has she told you anything yet? - haven't heard a thing.- okay. well, let me ask you a littletrivia question how well you know your wife. what is her least favoritepaint color? - uh, she... didn't like the gray thati chose in the kitchen. - guess what i just paintedyour basement. - got it.- yeah.

- all right, well, i...i like gray. - she hates it,so with that being said, the pressure is on nowthis weekend that everything elsehas to be awesome. we are gonna build hera new craft table that'll kind of bethe focal point in the center of the room.okay? but i want to kind of customizeit a little bit more, so these are kitchen cabinetsthat are in stock at lowe's,

but i want to use them asthe base of her craft table, so that way at each end she hastons of storage and she can easily access a bunch of herkind of, like, daily supplies that the kids use. this piece of plywoodis gonna be the top, so it's nice and big. this is actually the sizeof it. and what i want to do iscustomize it a little bit. so what i'm thinking is,these galvanized buckets

are gonna hold all kinds of artsupplies that you guys already have. but then i want a place so thatit's not just sitting up on the table; we're actuallygonna use a hole saw and drill some holes in here. all right, so little tips here for when you're usinga hole saw. you want to go through reallystraight down, and then you want to stop assoon as the bit pokes through.

you don't want to go allthe way through, or the wood will kind ofsplinter and you'll have a reallyuneven edge. okay, so you can see thatthere's a little hole where the bit made it through. that's where we're gonna putthe bit right back into that same hole,and it'll ensure that we cut a perfect circle. what's cool about this is thatthese buckets are tapered,

thus they will sit and holdthere. and then, depending on whatevercraft they're doing, they can just pop 'emin and out. it's cool, right?- yeah. - pretty neat. i love this plywood;it's great; it's perfect qualityfor this table. but i don't lovethe unfinished edge, so we could trim it outwith wood,

but what we're going to use is, we're gonna use the veneeredging. have you used this before?- i have. - you have. perfect. so the veneer, as you can see,has glue, and we need to heat up the glueto activate it. all we need to dois iron it on. okay, so right now the iron ison our cotton setting, and basically we want to keepit on for about 20 seconds,

slowly moving it. you want to heat up the glue as quickly as possible, and then come through witha block of wood and just press it down,so that as it cools down, its adhering to the woodunderneath it. all right, and then our top isgonna go right on here. so this is kind of how it'sgonna be assembled, but i don't actually want toassemble it

until we get it down there,because it would be a nightmare to navigate through the house. it would never fit. this is our last big projectfor today, but i have a bit of homeworkfor you. so i'm gonna have you stainthe top and the sides. this is a natural tone stain, so it's not gonna changethe color too too much; it'll work really well witheverything else i have planned.

- great.- i hear it matches great with gray paint.[laughs] i also need to go see if yourwife's still speaking to me. - i got it.- you got this? - yeah.- all right. good man. [quirky electronic music] all right, day two.how are you feeling? are we still on speaking terms? - we're on speaking termsfor the moment.

[laughter]- for the moment. - i got to find out whatthe project is. as long as it doesn't involveboring gray, we're a-ok. - all right, i think that thefirst project that i've planned today is going to put me backin your good graces. you had organizational systemsfor everything. like, very organized,but none of it was pretty. so i am going to give youthe ultimate craft organization wall,

and it is going to be so cooland pretty and creative. - amazing. amazing. amazing.- good. okay, i like the idea of usingpegboard to store things and organize. however, i kind of wantedto level up from just a basicstore-bought pegboard, so we're actually going to diyand build our own kind of jumbo pegboard. - awesome.- okay?

- the kids are gonna love it.- yeah. it's gonna be really cool. i think you might love itthe most. but we're gonna work witha sheet of plywood here, and i already kind of made usa little bit of a cheater here. i'm a big fan of, like,simplifying projects as much as possible. so this board is gonna help usknow where all of our holes go, keep us straight, steady.okay?

so on this side, the holeis 3 inches from the end. down at this end, it's 6 inchesfrom the end. and then on the next one,we're gonna flip it around and it'll be 6 inches, so it'll give us a nicestaggered pattern. we're clamping our cheaterboard to the plywood so it doesn't move. to createour pegboard holes, we're using a 3/4 inchpaddle bit.

for our pegboard pegs, i picked up 3/4 inch dowels that will fit perfectlyinto the holes. grab that end.we're gonna put it on its side. all right, so this is howit's gonna go on the wall. it'll be horizontal like this, and i cut some of our dowelsso that you can see that they fit nicely. so we can put a shelf here.

we can hang tools. you can put spools of ribbon. - fantastic.- i have big organization ideas for this.- i am so excited. - ben and i are actually gonnabe the ones to install this in the room, becausewe wanted you to kind of have an idea ofwhere we're going, but i really want to surpriseyou with this wall, because you're going to loveit.

- i'm really excited.- it's pretty easy, too, right? - not bad at all. - all right, we'll bringthe wood in here. just stick this down. all right, i'm gonna have youhelp me with a pretty basic build. one of my goals for this spaceis make it super inspirational, and we talked about how thatwas, like, the one thing missing from it.

so i want to create a space todisplay all the artwork and creations that are madein here. so we're gonna do a combinationof bulldog clips on wood, which is--these are perfectfor hanging just paintings and drawings, and then wheni got in here i realized how many canvasartwork pieces you guys have. so we're gonna do a little,like, picture ledge, where are all their canvasescan go up.

- like a gallery wall.- like an art gallery. exactly. and i think it's gonnabe really cool, 'cause when you first walk intothis space, it'll be the first thingthat you see. we're finding a level lineand studs where we'll attach our pine1x material. we stain the wood a richwalnut color to help it popon the gray wall. so this piece is gonna bethe bulldog clip one.

what's really cool aboutthe ones i got, they are magnetic. so stick 'em on the screw here,on the back. ta-da. the idea here is we'll addextra screws onto the face of the woodwhere we can attach the clips. this time we don't needto find studs, because the screws will only beholding the lightweight clips and artwork.

okay, so we have our bulldogsclip display ready. now we're gonna move onto canvases. and for this one, we're gonnause the same 1x that we used up there, but the difference is,we're actually going to attach two pieces,basically in an l-shape, and that way the canvasescan sit on them. [whirring] and we're back to finding studsfor our screws.

we'll them to ensurethe shelf is secure. all right.i think it looks cute, right? - better here than onthe fridge. - [chuckles]that's a very good point. spoken like a true dad.- uh-huh. - all right, well, i have a tonto do left in this room. i need to bring back basicallya bajillion craft items. so you're out of here,and i will let you know when the room's ready to see.

- looking forward.- all right. well, get out of here.i got to get crafty. now it's time for oursecret project that's gonna givethe homeowners' old dresser some new life. all right, so one of myfavorite things is upcycling or even if you want to call ithacking a piece of furniture. i love taking an oldexisting piece of furniture and giving it a completely newpurpose or new life.

and that's exactly what ben andi are gonna go to this dresser that the homeowners had intheir basement when we got here yesterday. so what we've done so far is, took off the existing hardware, and ben painted itusing furniture paint, and that's really keyto mention here, because it grips to the wood and it required us to dovery little sanding.

aleeza mentioned that they lovewrapping presents. she has tons of ribbon andtons of accessories, so we are gonna turn this intothe ultimate wrapping station. so one of the drawers iscompletely broken, and that's sort of to beexpected when you're dealing with old furniture, and we aregoing to make basically-- [laughs]- really fell apart. - here, let me see thatpiece of... - yeah, perfect.- very solid wood.

but basically what we're goingto do here is put plywood in and make itso this area just slides out and it's additional workspace. ben has cut our plywoodthe exact size of the bottom drawer. and i'm going to attachdrawer slides to slide it out. so we're gonna predrill ourholes for the little screws that came with the kit,

just because the wood isa little flimsy. so we have full extensionglide rails now. and basically our plywoodis gonna live on here. sweet.that thing slides like butter. - nice.- so now we're just going to attach the drawer frontdirectly into the plywood. so we'll put a couplenail holes, we'll fill it with some putty,no big deal. all right, so that wasproject one.

on to project two, which involves all the funzhooshing of a present: ribbon. so up here, we're gonna createa ribbon dispenser. i got the idea when i saw thiswithout hardware, so basically we're going todrill holes in here, put the ribbon in the drawerand feed it through. basically the ribbon feedsright through. so you can pull and snip,

and there's no, like, youknow how ribbon can get all, like, bundled and knotted. it might, but it's happening inthe drawer, and you won't even know. so for this one, it's actuallygonna be attached over here onto the side, andthen this is gonna hold all of her wrapping paper. so it's like a really greatamount of space, the base of the wrapping paperrolls will go here,

and then ben's gonna kind ofjust build, like, a little piece around hereso they don't flop all over. - sounds good. - good job, ben.- okay. - so now because i'm usingthis drawer on the side for the wrapping paper, there'sobviously gonna be a bit of a hole, so whati'm gonna do here is paint the insideof the drawer blue so it's a little lessnoticeable,

and then ben's gonna puta piece of plywood here and i'm gonna put all of hergift bags and things like that in there.- okay. - okay, thanks.- sounds good. - all right, so now we're gonnaget ready to install our giant pegboard. so what ben has done so faris level out and attach 2x3s to the wall. this is really importantto keep your pegboard

off the wall, so thatthe pegs can go in and you can put thingsin and out of them. you wouldn't want it flushto the wall. so now we're gonna putthe last one up, and then we can attach it. this wall needs to be able tohandle a good amount of weight, so you want to make surethat these are into studs. one other thingi had ben prepping are these cabinets.

so this is going to give themtons of hidden storage. these cabinets will kind ofreplace all the bins of storage that she had around the entireperimeter of the room and really make this entirewall look like a custom built-in wall. - okay.- i just want to show you while i still have a gap here why we have it off the wall. when these dowels go throughthe hole,

we need a little bit of depththere to give them strength. if it was flush againstthe wall, they'd barely be in there;it wouldn't be strong. so putting the 2x3 gives mea couple inches and lots of stability. and look at our pattern,nice and straight. - looks good.- looks good. - worked out.- all right, so we are gonna get a coat of white paintonto this

so it ties into the cabinetrythat we've put in. we're also gonna put some pinedown here on top of these kitchencabinets, and then comes the fun part. i can load in allthe crafty goodness, and i am super excitedabout that. so let's get it paintedso we can get decorating. [soft music] one, two, three.

open your eyes. - oh.oh, my gosh. - spectacular. - [sighs]i almost fainted. - no fainting! - this is great.- oh, that's the pegboard. oh.and that's the drawer. that's our drawer.oh, with the ribbon coming out of the drawer.- don't move, don't move.

- oh, my gosh, the ribbon. and the kids won't mess it up! - it was a dresser, and nowit's like super wrapping-- - i bought that dresser ata yard sale for 10 bucks. - best 10 bucks you ever spent.- about ten yours ago. - oh, my gosh.- you good? - i'm a little dizzy.- yeah. - i'm a little dizzy. - come over here.i'll help hold you steady.

- it is so--oh,and the bubby store. look, it's the bubby store. okay, boring gray, you win. - yes![laughter] - goes great with the floor.- thank you! [laughter]so is this a boring space at all?- no! - so, craft tablethat we built, so this is what gershon and ibuilt together,

and stools, and the coolestthing is that you have storage--- cabinets. - yep, at the end. so all kinds of containersfor all your craft supplies. - and sunken in. everything's, like, thereready to go. - yes, and these can swap out. so their other supplies can gointo the buckets, and that way it's super easy.

so if it's coloring or if it'spainting or whatever it is, you can kind of change it up. and then with the pegboardwall, i have to be honest, i'mcompletely jealous of this. i love it so much. and it's all movable,exchangeable, so you have tons of extrashelves and pegs that we left for you. and then those are kitchencabinets underneath,

like the ones that you'dusually see above a microwave. so we installed a whole rowof them, so all of this clothes storage kind of replaces all the binsthat were around the perimeter of the room.- right. and the kids can reach it.it's really low. it's perfect size.- yep. and then i really thinkthe kids are gonna love seeing their art up there.what do you think?

- i think so. we needed a spaceto have a display wall, because you do something,but if it doesn't go somewhere and you can't look at itand admire it and feel good about it,it just-- it leaves it unfinished.it's perfect. - do you feel like this doesjustice to the bubby store? - yes.she always had things-- she had things organized--in bins, in crates-- and now they'll have this asa memory and they'll be able

to look at it and say, like,you know, "we have this here and we can createin her memory." - like, you might actuallycome down here now, right? - i'm already thinking of someprojects i want to do. - i'm gonna have to claim timewith my space. we're gonna have to havea chart. - i know. well, this was really, reallyfun for me, and i'm dying to see whatthe kids think.

so why don't you grab them,and let's see what they think of this space.- okay, great. - all right, go get 'em. do you guys wanna try out someof the chairs? - is that stuff from bubby,or is that new stuff? - new stuff.- you have to get the ball out. - what shapedo you want it to be? can you get it back into a box? keep trying.- i'll try.

- you'll try. - your mom said that you mighthave, like, friends over and teach, like,arts and crafts workshops. you should!look! look at this. - all right, let's get to work. - come on, dad.get him! all: thank you, monica!- and friends. - you guys are welcome. well, that was one super crafty"weekender,"

and i lovedevery second of it. i would love to know what youguys think of this craft space, so leave me a comment belowand let me know. and guys, make sure you aresubscribed to lowe's youtube channel. you don't want to miss a singleepisode of "the weekender." this weekend i'm helping outa couple with their finished basement. they're looking forthe ultimate

gaming and entertaining space. the couple said that they want something kind ofoutside of the box. well, they calledthe right girl. i am so excited about someof the crazy and unique ideas i have planned for this space. one, two, three.open your eyes. - oh, my gosh. it doesn't...- oh, my god.

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