white kitchen cabinets home depot

white kitchen cabinets home depot

in the previous video we prepped the roomand marked guidelines for new kitchen cabinets. next step is to hang the upper cabinets. they’reeasier to install before the base cabinets go in. start by attaching a straight 1x4 ledger atthe 54-inch line. this will help support the cabinets while you’re hanging them.go ahead and remove the doors. it’s best to begin with a corner cabinet,or from the left if you don’t have a corner unit. using your outline on the wall, measurethe distance from the cabinet edge to the stud and transfer this to the cabinet. rememberto account for the face frame. drill holes through the cabinet backs at thetop, middle, and bottom. you’ll need to

do this for each unit.set the cabinet in place and drive the mounting screws into the wall--just enough to holdit, you’ll tighten them later. check that it’s level and plumb, and shim behind ifneeded. onto cabinet #2. set it into position. line up the faces sothey’re even at the bottom and across the front, and clamp them together. drive screwsin the back just enough to hold the cabinet for now. again, use shims in the back to makeit plumb. keeping the faces even, use a countersink/taper bit to drill through the face frames and connectthe cabinets with screws. and that’s how all the cabinets will be installed.if your wall is really bowed, it helps to glue shims over the stud lines where you’llsecure the mounting screws. this will prevent

the cabinet backs from bowing when you drivein the screws. continue installing the rest of the cabinets.keep checking that the faces and edges are even. when you get to the ends you might have aspace between the cabinet and the wall. no worries. filler strips can fix that. measurethe gap at the top and bottom. mark and cut the strip.for uneven walls, mark the piece using a compass to scribe a line following the contours ofthe wall. and cut. it helps to cut at a 7- to 10-degreebevel to help fit the piece against the wall. check the width of the piece and cut the cabinetside. or use a plane for minor adjustments.

drill holes through the frame, and attachwith screws. once you have all of the cabinets connected,drive in the rear screws and remove the clamps. remove the ledger boards, and touch up anyspots on the walls. if you’re doing moulding, attach it withfinish nails and hang the doors. adjust the hinges following the manufacturer’s directionsto make them even. looks good so far. want more great ideas and how-to’s? go tolowes.com/howto or just click to subscribe. next up, installing the base cabinets.

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