white kitchen cabinets and backsplash

white kitchen cabinets and backsplash

installing ikea kitchen on the cob ledlighting for kitchen worktops the onslaught led lighting comes in threelengths 80 60 and 40 centimeters completed with an electronic led powersupply with wireless receiver one power supply cord one intermediate connectioncord to connect several lights together with only one connection to the mainsupply normally to use more than one leg power supply one remote control thatturns on or off all nighting units connected in a chain simultaneously inthis example for our lot led lights totalizing 30.7 what's of output 1 powersupply of 30 watts is enough to use more led lights is advisable to use more thanone power supply

now let's start with diy images startingwith the unboxing then taking measures and next with the installation itself sokeep watching and if you find this video helpful give a thumbs up and if you haveany question leave your comments below start by finding where you want to mountthe led light yeah now go ahead and find the center of thewall cabinet next cut the gutter accordingly to the same length thenstick it in the cabinet now go ahead and screw the led lightsupport into the base of the kitchen wall cabinet measure the other side ofthe cabinet and trace a line with a

pencil you can do this for all cabinetsand one step if you prefer then position the led light support and mark theholsters crew now a great tip is to make a hole within all it greatly helps thescrewing procedure now go ahead and attach the led lightfrom the bottom of the wall cabinet start by passing the why behind thecabinet until reaches the top of it if you do not find room to pass the wirebehind the cabinet you can always make a hole and pass the wire inside have thesame result now position the light and press firmlyuntil you hear a click position the wire in the gutter andfollow this steps for all unlocked led

lights now with the power supply on top of thecabinets we're going to connect all on love ledlights in this setup i only need a power supply with 30 watts if the output totalof all lights exceeds this value for more than 23 wats i will need two ormore power supplies to connect two or more power supplies we need the interconnection cable that i mentioned earlier and in the end of this video youcan watch how to connect two power supplies now with all light attached tothe power supply plug the power cord and next we going to pair the wirelessremote control with the power supply

present this type of light spot on thepower supply and then press the button on the remote control until both ledlights blink arrange the cables to stay hidden from view and it's done nowpreparing food and doing kitchen workers safer easier and more fun with or evenlight across your worktop to install more than one power supply it's neededthe and salute or intermediate connection cord connecting one toanother it's easy it's possible to divide various led lights on both powersupplies and then simple connect both powersupplies with the intermediate connection cord attached the powersupply cord then pair both with the

wireless remote control and you areready to enjoy your kitchen worktop with the on la bled lightning i hope thisvideo was useful to you if so give a thumbs up subscribe if you haven'talready and i see you in the next videos thanks for watching cheers

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