white kitchen cabinets and appliances

white kitchen cabinets and appliances

the typical kitchen has many time-savingappliances and most of them will come in contact with food on a daily basis. to besure you're not contaminating your food while storing and cooking it you'll needto keep these appliances clean and sanitized. perhaps the most importantappliance in your kitchen is the refrigerator.

since it houses both rawand cooked foods as well as drinks and other items. it's important to keep ithygienic. the easiest way to give it a thorough cleaning is to remove all thefood, the shelves and the drawers first. soak the drawers, and shelves, and waterand dish soap while you wipe down the interior from the top down.

soap and water works best when cleaning the interior. never use disinfectantcleaners like bleach, which can permeate your food. many of today's ovens have aself-cleaning feature. always remove the shelves before starting the cleaningcycle. the oven will heat to extremely high temperatures for several hours

andit will turn stuck on food to ash. these high temperatures will also dull theshelves shiny appearance and make the shelves more difficult to slide. once theoven has cooled for several hours, sweep up the ash. when cleaning a stovetop,remove the burner grates and soak them in dish soap and water. if you have a gasstove, take off the burner caps and soak

them as well. for electric stoves,disconnect the burner coils and hand clean them with the sponge. clean loosefood off the stovetop and wipe down the stovetop and burner knobs with a spongeor towel. a 1-to-1 mix of vinegar and water works well, but if there's built upgrease present use dish soap instead. a microwave cleanup is prettystraightforward.

just remove the turntable and soak it in soapy water. place a microwave-safe bowl of vinegar and water in the oven and run it on highfor 2 minutes. the vinegar steam will eliminate odors and it will loosen hardened food to make cleaning the inside surfaces easier. lastly there's your dishwasher. begin by removing the racks

and wipe up any foodand debris from the interior with a sponge. then remove the filter that's located in the drain. empty the filter of debris and soak it in soapy water. place the filter and shelves back into the unit and place a cup of white vinegar in the otherwise empty dishwasher. set the

dishwasher for its highest watertemperature setting and run it for a full cycle. this will loosen anyremaining food and grease and get rid of any odors. if your kitchen featuresstainless steel, appliances it's best to clean the exterior with a productspecially formulated for this purpose. use mild detergent on non-stainlessappliances by periodically deep cleaning your large kitchen appliances, you'll keep them sanitary and running

efficiently. for more detailedinformation about this and many other projects, check out the diy projects andideas section of homedepot.com or talk to one of our store associates

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