white kitchen cabinet

white kitchen cabinet

hey, i'm rob north. and today, i'm going to build acustom kitchen cabinet using different types of joinery,cut by the router. [music playing] cut a top, two sides, aback, and the shelf to size. layout dado, dovetail, and rabbetcuts on the back and sides. insert a straight cutbit into the router. clamp a straight edgeto guide the router.

make a dado cut along thebottom of the back and sides. insert a dovetail bit into the router. make the dovetail cut along thecenter of the back and sides. insert the straight cut bit again. attach the edge guideto the router base. make the rabbet cut alongthe top of the back and sides. and along theinside lengths of the sides. insert the dovetail bit and attachthe router to the router table to cut pins on three sides of the shelf.

dry fit, then glue the piecestogether to form the case. clamp and let dry. cut two rails and stylesfor the face frame. drill two pocket holes intoeach end of both styles. clamp and screw the rails to the styles. add edge banding to coverthe ply of the shelf. trim away the excess. layout and cut biscuit slotson the sides of the case. transfer marks to theface frame and cut slots.

spray glue along the outer edgeand into the slots of the case. insert size 10 biscuits. fill the face frame slots withglue and attach to the case. cut two rails and twostyles for the cabinet door. cut stick and coat profileson the rails and styles. attach the two styles to the top rail. add space balls to the groovesof all rails and styles. cut panel to interiordimensions of the door. slide panel into the grooves of the railand styles and attach the final rail.

add european hinges to the doorand attach it to the face frame. click now for full step by step projectplans or for other cool router builds.

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