white kitchen cabinet ideas

white kitchen cabinet ideas

although you could find tons of various cabinets in home-improvement stores easily, finding one that suit your style, fit your bill, and will upgrade your space is not that easy. and if you have been hunting for the most splendid cabinets for your kitchen or living room but haven’t found one yet, you’ve come to a right place.

i have summed up for you 10 creative but cheap custom cabinet ideas by simphome.com. most of them are not easy, i think, but, stick around, i could be wrong. 10.built-in cabinets and bookshelves for an avid reader like you, having a wall-to-wall bookshelf along with cabinet

that hide clutter away from your sight is a dream. but, when it’s hard to find any cabinet or bookshelves that fit in with your room, what you should do? first, of course, craft your own cabinets. and, if you are lucky enough to find some unfinished or old or unused cabinetries, use them. raise your cabinets few inches off the ground

by building a base using 2x4’s. but before that, cut your moldings and saved them before building them. next, place each cabinet on the base, screw it, and add a countertop once you’ve placed all the cabinets. next, begin to make your bookshelves by screwing a 1x12 directly on the ceiling

and a 1x12 on each side of the wall. after that, install some boards and cleats on the center of your bookshelves. lastly, paint your cabinets and bookshelves with same color as your wall, and finally return your molding back on your shelf after adding 1x3’ for the trim. the molding will help you concealing raw edges you don’t need.

9.adding trim to cabinet drawers some kitchen cabinets are designed with clean-line edges to make it appeared modern and updated. but, somehow, sometime, they look tedious instead. well, let’s tweak it a bit. because a big chance even comes from small things, right? first, add trims to your drawers.

to line them up neatly with other drawers, pull the trim in ⽠inch all way around. all trims are simple 45-degree cuts. last step, after you’ve done with the cutting and measuring, affix the trim pieces on each drawer using wood glue and brad nails. to finish it, caulk, prime, and paint them with same color of your existing drawers.

8.fabulous white kitchen cabinets one of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen to a higher level is by repainting your cabinets and adding some accessories, just like this one. the homeowner has turned her tedious orangey cabinets into white ones

by removing all her cabinet doors and sanding them with 150 grit, then adding trims. after that, she used wood putty and silicone caulk to cover up the flaws. once they were all dried, she sanded the doors again before applying a layer of primer. for the finishing touch,

before painting the cabinets, she sanded the primer with 220 grit. she also added some door knobs and drawer pulls to add a nuance to them. and to make the dishwasher machine looked more appealing, she had a piece of stainless-steel cut so she could attach it to the dishwasher. as good as new, right?

7.kitchen hack diy shaker style cabinets more than one people say a shaker style cabinet is neat and i agree with them. if you have been dreaming for this style, let’s make your dream come true by doing a diy project that won’t make you short on cash. first, you’re going to need 1 or 2 sheets of 4ã—8 1/4″ plywood.

rip them down into 2.5″ strips. well, the cutting will depend on the size of your cabinet doors, though. so, do measure them before doing the cutting. after that, remove all the doors and sand them if necessary. then, you can attach the trim and use wood filler to perfect the look. want to go with the caulk? go ahead!

but you can skip the caulk part and go on to apply some primer and paint the cabinets the color of your choice. 6.bathroom cabinet mirror idea having a huge mirror in the bathroom that enables you to double-check your look before going to work or college is nice. and, having them come with additional storage or extra cabinet for your supplies

makes the mirror more desirable. you can make this cabinet using 1 x 6 x 8 whitewood boards for the cabinet frame and 1 x 4 x 8 whitewood boards for the cabinet door. after assembling all the pieces of the cabinet frame, you can begin to attach the mirror to the door using mirror adhesive, then assemble the door. you can use clamps to hold the door in place

while installing the hinges. and, you’re done! 5.refacing cabinets using wood veneer are you bored with your kitchen cabinets and thinking about replacing them? hold up! don’t splurge out on new cabinets if you can reface your existing ones. this is the idea.

you only need to cover your cabinets with wood veneer, and done, you’ve got new and elegant cabinets that you can favorite once more. and if you want to change the corner door, it’s up to you. make sure you get special hinges to do to the job. 4.add molding on the cabinet adding molding on the cabinet can accentuate its look.

but the problem is how will you add moldings if the cabinet doesn’t have any lip for the moldings to sit on? the answer is! invest your weekend and build it according to a direction link i provide inside description area. next, attach the result on your cabinet.

lastly, paint your molding with the same color as your cabinet to bring harmony and you’re good to go with next idea. 3.some useful tips on painting cabinets before repainting your cabinets, i have some useful tips for you. first, sand your cabinets completely so you can apply the paint easily, effectively, and permanently.

second, add a bit of your paint color to save more time when painting your cabinets. last tip, make sure that you don’t get your doors and hinges mixed up. 2.how to paint laminate cabinets? painting laminate cabinets are different from painting the wooden ones. here are some advices that i can give to you.

first, do not sand the cabinet doors as it can damage them. second, apply some spray primer thoroughly before applying 2 or 3 coats of paint. lastly, apply polyurethane for a perfect look and let them dry for at least a day or two. before we get to number 1, i suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you,

and bell icon beside it. that's way, you will receive a new notification directly in your mailbox every time i publish a new video. and the last one, 1.make your own wooden cabinets by woodmagazine making your own cabinet isn’t a mission impossible. first, you need to prepare the materials and tools like plywood, screws, pocket hole jig,

and a pasted link inside description area. second, make sure you measure everything thoroughly and the pieces flush when assembling them. and, of course, lastly, if you aren’t really good at carpentry or feel not confident about it, find or ask someone who already make a lot of mistakes in carpenting course

and survived with a woodworking product worth free publication. that’s all the 10 cheap custom cabinet ideas that will help you to improve the look of your kitchen and living room without breaking your bank. i hope none of them inspire you to click dislike button and happy trying. that’s it,

before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share it with anyone inside your close friend or family list. come back again next time with more home or decorating ideas. and until that time, thanks for watching.

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