white kitchen cabinet doors

white kitchen cabinet doors

step-by-step process of replacing kitchencabinet doors remodeling your kitchen with new unfinishedcabinet doors is an easy project, that can be finished in two weekends. you can even buy cheap cabinet doors, directlyfrom the manufacturer on the internet, at savings of 50% off the prices at big-box storesand national hardware chains. this video will show you where to find step-by-stepinstructions for ordering your replacement cabinet doors, finishing the doors, attachingthe hinges, hanging the doors, and the process for final alignment. hi, my name's brady, and i'll start by showingyou how to save 50% by purchasing cabinet

doors directly from the actual manufacturer. western cabinet doors, incorporated is a majorsupplier of custom cabinet doors to several national hardware chains and hundreds of newhome builders. now you can buy new custom cabinet doors directlyfrom western cabinet doors on our low-cost website, cabinetdoorfactory.com. the first step is to determine the sizes ofthe doors you need. the process of measuring cabinet openingsand calculating the exact size for each door is explained in detail in our video named"how to measure cabinet openings for new cabinet doors".

this video, and all the other how-to videosmentioned are on our youtube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucpjs6nkdq0shijoewpq1ypg) after you have completed your list of cabinetdoors and determined the sizes, you’re ready to order your cabinet doors directly fromthe actual manufacturer. watch the video named "how to buy unfinishedcabinet doors". this video walks you through our simple orderingprocess and compares our prices to retail stores. after you receive your new kitchen cabinetdoors you will be ready to apply finish to the new doors.

our video named "how to stain and lacquerunfinished cabinet doors with great results" shows the step-by-step process of cabinetdoor finishing. after your new doors are finished you're readyto attach the hinges and hang the doors on you cabinet boxes. this process starts with attaching the hingesto your new doors. our video, "how to install blum hinges" demonstratesthis step in detail. with the hinges attached to the doors, youare ready to hang the doors on your cabinets. there are a few trade secrets to aligningand attaching the doors, and we show these in "how to mount cabinet doors to the faceframe".

once your doors are attached to the cabinetsyou are ready to fine-tune the alignment with the built-in hinge adjustments. this fine-tuning process is shown in "howto adjust blum hinges to align cabinet doors". now it's time to stand back and admire yournewly remodeled kitchen. you can also take pride in the fact that yousaved 50% on your new cabinet doors by shopping directly from the factory online.

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