white inset kitchen sink

white inset kitchen sink

[music] what are some of the elements that make upa contemporary farmhouse kitchen design? i'm david gordon with whitestone builders. we're gonna answer those questions anda few others right now. stay tuned.[music] the first would be high ceilings, so in this particular kitchenwe have very high ceilings. this is very comfortable. for entertaining, hanging out with friendsand it just gives a real open feeling.

the next would be a large island. we've got a very large island here. most people like to entertain and havinga large island that people can hang around is something that's very attractive. another would be a bridge faucet. so we've got a bridge faucet here and thisis really a trend with farm house design. and the next item wouldbe oversized fixtures. we've got a large brass oversizedfixture hanging over the island. again, it's somethingthat's very appealing.

another item would be the cabinets. white is still very popular forthis design style. insets, inset cabinet which is what wehave right here is also very popular. so the next item would be a subway tile. as you can see, we've got a subway tile,three by six, white glossy subway tile. what we done a little bit different herewith this subway tile is we used a little bit darker grout. so this grey grout really makesthe subway tile pop, again, this is something that'svery popular as well.

some of the other key elements thatmake up this style would be beat board. it can either be in a back splash orit can be behind a cabinet door. then we would have brick floors. brick floors give a very warm feelingin this design, it could be either in the kitchen or they could be inanother room or even the foyer. or even the mud room. another item would be glass cabinets. so glass cabinet fronts thatshowed either a glass shelf or showed a wood shelf work well.

then there's the apron sink, i thinkthis is what most people understand when they see a farmhouse kitchen. the apron sink or the farmhouse sink. this is a great detail, i think youdefinitely need to have in this style. and lastly would be crystal knobs. crystal knobs are very old world,they fit well within the farmhouse style. and one of the things we like to dois even if we don't do crystal knobs within the whole house, we'll puta crystal knob in the powder room. so that we have guests over,they're hanging out and they ask you hey,

where's the restaurant? put him down the hall orput him around the corner and say, it would be the doorwith the crystal knob. if you enjoyed this video,contemporary farmhouse kitchens. you're gonna love our videosshowcasing latest designs and techniques from industry experts. click the subscribe button to bethe first to see our latest videos.

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