white hutches for kitchen

white hutches for kitchen

(rock music) (upbeat music) - [tresha] hi guys! welcome back to my channel. this is tresha with an ikea hack. this is the finished project here. this is a tv stand and i transformed it by adding glass and an overlay. so if this is somethingthat you are interested

in doing, just keep watching. for this project, there are alot of items that are needed for the project, so to savetime i'm going to put all the items in the description box below. so i start out here, this isthe ikea besta shelf unit. i don't have any doors here,but i did purchase two. so we're gonna start out first by taking a 22 grit sheet of sand paper and cut it in half.

and then we gonna take one of the halves and cut it again to create a quarter. two quarters. okay, we just wanna useone of those quarters and begin to sand the topof it and the whole exterior following the grain of the wood. (mellow music) you wanna make sure youhave something on the floor because this kinda getsa little bit messy.

and you don't have to put awhole lot of pressure down. but you want to make surethat it is completely sanded. you've gotten all of the grain. okay, this is what it lookslike once i've finished sanding. you see it's a little bitof a mess, some dust there. so now, i'm going to getready to clean the surface. i damp my paper towel with some water and i'm beginning to clean the surface and as you can see how much grime that is,

dust and paint on my cloth. so you wanna make sure sincemy cloth is wet, i wanna make sure that the surface isdry before i begin to paint. okay, so now you wannatake your handy paint cup and a gallon size ziploc bag, and this is if you want to reuse your cup, i justput it in the inside. this is a really good trickif you don't want any mess. so this is the primer that i use,

it's an odorless, oil-based stain blocker. this works really good andi know it says odorless, but it has a little bit ofa smell to it, but it's not strong, like the others. so first i want to stir it, i'm using a plastic knife. you can use whatever, a paint stirrer or whatever you have on hand. you wanna make sure you stir it

until you get a thick consistency. it's still a little bit liquidy, there. ok, i've gotten to that thickconsistency so now i'm going to pour a little bit ofit in the handy paint cup. just not that much, you don'tneed that much for the project so you will see the handycup has a magnet on the side of it, which is really neat,so your brush will not go anywhere once it's in there. it's really cool.

so i'm beginning to putmy primer on the surface, on the top of the tv surface and i'm going from left to right with my brush strokes. this is the progress thati've made on the top. make sure that you geta smooth and even layer. there. and then once you finishpainting with your primer you wanna dispose your brush,or if you wanna keep it, you can keep it.

zip up your plastic bag and toss it out. and now you can reuse yourcup again for another time. so you wanna wait at least30 minutes, i waited a day, for the surface to dry. now i'm taking anotherquarter of the sandpaper and beginning to sand. and you want to make sure that your area is covered, because this is kinda messy.

you will see how much dust that is created by sanding this time around. you see all of that? yeah this is the messy part. you wanna get in there,you don't want any ridges. as you sand, you want totest the surface to make sure it's smooth to touch. okay, so this is me finished sanding, and i wiped the surface off again.

so now i'm going to startpainting, and what i do is use a trash bag and i putit over my painting tray. this is so i can reuse it againand not have any, you know, mess or cleanup to do. i have a four inch foam paint roller. and i'm beginning to open upthe paint can that i have. i'm using black satin. it's an acrylic latex paint. i make sure that i stir it first

and then put it into the painter's tray. so i like the foam roller, it puts a smooth layer on the surface. and it's an even layer, which i like. so i'm going to start out here making sure my roller has paint, all over it, but not too much. you wanna take your brushand begin to roll the top. you see how smooth that looks?

this is the fun part. and as you can see, youcan still see the white, the primer that was on there, so i ended up having to do three coats, but that's okay. i wanted to make sure thatthere was no white visible, and that my color would last awhile. okay, so once you've finishedpainting, i'm not going to use the foam brush anymore,so i'm going to dispose of it

and just put it all in thetrash bag that i have there. voila! and just throw it in thetrash and you're good to go. so now i'm just shaking my spray can. i'm using gold foil, nylonis the brand, i believe. i'm spraying from left to right. i ordered two overlays,these are the overlays that you see here. and the name of it will bein the description box below.

this is really... i love these overlays. and they're specific for ikea. so this is what it lookslike once you spray it, and i did both sides, front and back and for the other overlay. you will need two for this project. so once you've done that, i'vedecided to paint the inside of the doors, so it's the same process.

you want to sand it, primeit, and then paint it. and that's what it looks like painted. okay, so now you have, i havetwo pieces of cut mirror. and you can get this done at lowe's, it's 24 inch by 24 inches. i mean, this is reallycheap, i think i paid less than $30 for two pieces. so you want to make surethe surface is clean, i'm using isopropyl rubbing alcohol

and a paper towel. i'm just gonna wipe thesurface and i'm using gloves so i won't leave any prints. so once that's done, i'mtaking this glue that's specific for mirror. ihave a caulk gun here, this is actually my first time using it. i'm going to show you, becausei think this is very helpful. so you have the lever inthe back, and what you do is just pull it out.

and then on the side, this is really neat, i don't know if allthe caulk guns have it, but there is a hole,you can see that there. you use it to cut off thetip of the glue stick. so you just put the tip inthere and then press the trigger down and it cuts it to the length that you want it. that's neat. and then once you've cut the tip off,

you just want to insert it inthe caulk gun and just press the trigger until the glue comes down. so here i'm going zig zag putting the glue onto the front of the door. this was not easy guys,i just want you to know, you have to put a littleforce to it, but that's okay. i got a thin strip, i didn'twant it to be too thick. i'm making sure i getinto all the grooves here. so once that's done, youput the glass on top of it.

you wanna let that sit for at least a day. that's at least what i did, before i put the overlay over it. these are the clamps that i used. i used five large clamps for each door. and these are the real deal,you just put it on there, just be very careful. and you will see thereis some space there, but we are going to coverup with the overlay.

so i'm using liquid nailshere, the smaller version, because i just want to put little dots around the overlay. you will see this is how it looks with all the little dots there. so next you just pick it up andput it on top of the mirror. make sure it's centered andit's covering the edges. so this is how it looks,and i had this clamped down. a tip is to put cloth inbetween, before you put

your clamps on there, so itwill not cut up your overlay. but this is the finishedproject here, after this, this is the last step, thenyou put the doors onto the besta shelf unit, andthis is what it looks like. this is like a weekend project, but wow! this looks really goodand it's very inexpensive. this kinda thing goes for, like, $600. so i hope you enjoyed this project. thank you for watching.

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