white glass door kitchen cabinets

white glass door kitchen cabinets

hello! painting kitchen cabinets is afantastic idea i've done it many times myself and i know many of you have aswell. i'm just going to give you some ideas about what you should do. first ofall remove all the hardware, then give it a good clean. in a kitchen you don'tknow what splashed on it there could be all sorts of oils all sorts of stuff, sojust warm water and a simple soap, no chemicals because you don't know whatthat will do to the paint. i'm doing old ochre chalk paintâ®. i'm gonna add a little bit of, the paint has been open for a little bit so it needs a little bit of water. i'm goingto use this brush which is my flat wide brush and get a good supply of paint onthere, not too far so about that.

i've already done one of these cabinets and i know that i've used two coats. this is the end grain of the wood, and the end grain i always find needs a little bit more paint. so i'm going to put quite alot of paint on there now i'm going to spread it out as far as i can. you'llnotice i'm not painting like that, i'm painting with the end of the brush, andi'm painting every direction. it's absorbing in quite a lot. now i'm goingto start feathering it. this is very very pleasing to do because as you do it thesurface becomes smoother and smoother as you feather out. i'm someone who lovestexture, i also do really appreciate getting a very smooth, even, beautifulfinish. the brush is just hitting the

paint, it's not pressing down it's justhitting like that and you're going across and it's really really light andit's done with a very small amount of paint and it's usually done quickly. so, already now. this is dry, the second coat's done it's looking really really gorgeous. now i'm going to wax it. i'm going to usemy clear wax. some people think you should varnish and use lacquer, whateveryou call it, i would really recommend wax very very strongly. for me it's just thebest, it's got a beautiful finish and it's very very strong. so i'm ready to gohere's my brush, my wax brush into there getting some good amount of wax on there,not too much. the thing you want to do is

you don't want to rub too hard, you don't wantto, you just want to make certain that the wax goes into the paint that's whatit's all about. and going into corners, making certain you gointo corners, i usually have a cloth with me just to remove the excess or anyspecks of dust or anything that goes into there. i'll do one, two three coatsprobably to make it really really strong leaving a good gap between each layer sothat the wax has time to harden. at least a day, a week is really fantasticif you can. so i did one yesterday and that's allbeen painted and waxed. so it's now ready for me to polish it. and i'm able to takesome cotton cloth and just start

polishing it. sometimes it's calledbuffing, buffing or polishing, and what it does is make it shine. and itshouldn't take a lot to get a nice sheen to it. there's very little effort here this is getting, to me it's got a really beautiful mellow sheen. for cleaning purposes what you wouldn't do is put any bleach on it you, would just wipe withsoap and water for anything that you need to remove. no bleach, bleach willjust eat right through it and really it requires very little upkeep. if you dohave a problem you can re-wax it but it's not an obligation, it's justsomething you might want to do. but it will give you a beautiful finish andvery solid and very strong.

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