white distressed kitchen table

white distressed kitchen table

diy silver paint victorian chair makeover for this project you will need someoil-based silver paint. i am using "liquid leaf" and it is available at craft andhobby stores and you can also order it online. i'm using oil-based paint so thati don't have to strip and sand before i paint the chair. i'm using a one-inchartist brush and you can either be ready to throw your brush away or get somemineral spirits to clean your brush with when you're done. make sure you shake up your paint really well before you start. i'm taping the edges of the fabric withpainters tape because you will not get

the paint cleaned off the fabric if youget it on there so tape it as close up to the edges as you can. i cover therest of the chair with fabric kind of as i go to keep drips from getting onto thefabric. this paint goes on very easily and it also dries very fast. i paint inthe direction of the grain only because that gives it a more natural look. i alsouse for this entire chair only two of the small containers of paint that i showed in the beginning of the video when you get close to the edges where the fabric is,just go really slow and try to not even get any paint on the tape and if you dothat, you're less likely to have the paint seep under the tape.

just get your paint on enough to coverand be sure you don't leave any drips behind. one of the hardest places to keeppaint off the fabric is down where the arms or the back of the chair meet thefabric so be especially careful taping that off that you are all the way up tothe edge between the wood and the fabric. i usually add a couple extra rowsof tape because if i don't i will probably either drip paint on the fabricor rub my brush against the fabric as i go. to paint the chair you want to keep aminimal amount of paint on your brush when you do this. you want to stayaway from the tape as much as possible. just try to use a little bit of paint anddo a light coat and don't try to jam

your brush down next to the tape becauseit will probably seep through onto the fabric. the reason i'm using the oil-based paintis so that i don't have to sand this wood all the way down or prime it beforei put this paint on there. the only reason my wood looks like thisis because i tried a different metallic paint that i did not like so i had toremove most of that chalky finish to put this finish on there. the other reason i likean oil-based paint for this chair is that when i go to distress it i can goahead and distress it and i do not have to put a coating over top of it like aclear wax or polyurethane. once it's

distressed it's ready to go. you couldalso just leave it silver if you didn't want to distress it. so this is a prettyquick and easy way to do this chair. i let my paint dry for eight hours beforei came back to distress it. the best sandpaper to use when distressing thisis going to be between 180 to a 220 grit. it will take the finish off fairlyeasy so just go slow so you can see what you're doing and learn exactly what thesandpaper is going to do. because this is an oil-based paint it actually hasundertones in the silver so what happens is when you sand it is that it looks kind of like sterling silver. it brings out some grays and some blacks which are colors from which this paint was

made. as much as i like chalk paint ihave found that the best metallic finish is in an oil-based paint and that is whyi am using that on this chair. i tried a metallic chalk paint before this and itjust did not have the kind of shine you can get from an oil-based paint. now likei said i am not going to put a top coat on this, if you wanted to you could putan oil-based polyurethane on it but i don't see a reason to because you'vealready got a well protected shiny finish and you just don't havedo that. i'm doing most of my sanding just on theedges and then i kind of run the sandpaper down the middle of the grooves as i go, -it's pretty quick and painless

to get this chair distressed with thispaint so probably about 10 to 15 minutes of sanding on this chair and it is done.i always sand with the grain because it gives it a more natural look and thenlike on the bottom of this leg, i go around the other way because that's justhow it would be naturally. so these are my results. this is my sterling silver distressed victorian chair makeover. i'm really happy with it i think it looksgreat. i love the paint and i love the colors. so thank you for watching pleasecheck back i put up new videos all the time and i have all types of diy videos for furniture, dressers, upholstery andsome diy home repair stuff. thanks for

watching! you

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