white country kitchen

white country kitchen

take eggs add water to an empty vessel keep eggs in the vessel add some salt to the water (so we can remove the shell easy) switch on the stove keep the vessel containing eggs on the stome close the vessel with a proper lid let the water and eggs boil for atleast 10 to 15 mins on high flame in the mean time cut onions and tamatoes

take required amount of chilies,ginger,cloves,cinnamon take a coconut and break it to make a paste add all the said ingredients in to a grinder or a mixer to make a fine paste now take the vessel containing eggs from the stove make sure that the eggs are boiled and break the eggs to remove the shell make some slight cuts on the boiled eggs take a pan pour oil in it and lit it boil for maximum temparature now add eggs to the pan and let them fry in oil

take the fried eggs in a plate add the paste which was prepared earlier to the oil and mix it add chopped onions and some mint leaves and mix it well add tomatoes and let it fry for 5 mins add salt add 1/2 tbs turmeric powder mix it well add eggs to the pan add 2tbs of red chilly powder

mix it well let it fry for 5 to 10mins add some paste which we prepared at the beginning and mix it add some coriander leaves add your egg curry ready

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