white corner cabinets for kitchen

white corner cabinets for kitchen

a kitchen tends to have high traffic flow especially when two cooks like you and your husband are working together. a lot of space is required for a perfect traffic flow. and, when your kitchen happens to be small, you’re going to need to tap into all available space in order to avoid the traffic jams or even accident. in this video, i’ve summed up 10 modern small kitchen makeover ideas

that will make your tiny kitchen become more organized so you will feel comfort and ease of mind when you have to slave over your hot stove. as i already mentioned on my last video, this list is brought to you by simphome.com 10.kitchen pantry makeover cramming cereal boxes and snacks in your pantry, and you can’t find them easily when you need them? we have same problem.

first, you don’t have to add more shelves or craft something that will challenge your carpentry skills. all you need to do is getting some glass containers, dividers, vintage jars, canisters, and wire door organizers. you can try collect those things from any craft store near you. the clear glass containers and canisters allow you to store pasta, nuts, rice, or even choco chips.

they will color up your pantry too. for huge and bulky stuff like bags of snack and cereal, some woven baskets are your greatest bet. they will keep your bags organized at the bottom of your pantry. 9.white kitchen remodeling idea one of the best ways to freshen up your mood is by refurbishing your kitchen either partially or completely.

you can do it by painting your kitchen wall and cabinets or just changing your curtains. anything that can provide a new look to your kitchen will do. this kitchen looks for example become fresher with white hues. the old brown cabinets have been replaced with the all-white cabinets. a glass door cabinet give everyone clear-view

what’s inside and enough spaces for some crystal glasses, platers, cups, jars, and mugs. for the flooring, the author chose vinyl floors. it works great for damp or wet area and if you want to follow this idea, you can install it by yourself. youtube it or google anyone near you with professional title in this field if you doubt with your own skill.

they are already waiting your call. 8.rustic small kitchen remodel ideas when it comes to an undersized kitchen, white hues and abundance of glass windows are what you can rely on. white hues have always made a small room appear to be larger. and when teaming up with plenty of natural lights, white tone can convert your dank kitchen

into an airier one. first, replace your old cabinets and countertops because they are what will come to your sight first. if you have more bucks to renovate your kitchen, try having tongue-and-grove paneling for your wall to get a farmhouse look. if that style is your thing. want to have some more rustic look? change your kitchen sink’s faucets,

install swing arm sconces that hold fluorescent lamps, and lay a jute rug on the floor to indulge your feet. 7.modern kitchen remodel idea less is more. that’s what modern kitchen all about. the less furniture you use “without weakening its function”, the better. and – of course – sleek and minimalist design is the key.

first, ditch those big and bulky upper cabinets and invest in some open shelves. open shelves are kind of on trend now. they will give you minimalist look that you have been longing for as well as keeping your kitchen organized. second, going bold? why not?

although white kitchen is more preferable for a small kitchen, there’s nothing wrong to go on different direction. black matte teaming up with sleek white wall can perk your kitchen up to a new level and this is a little idea you can try. tip: although minimalist concept dictates you to live less, don’t give your kitchen zero adornments.

some planters would be nice. and to kick it up a notch, hang some pendant lights over the worktop. 6.cottage kitchen idea white always looks good in any kinds of kitchens including this cottage kitchen. the most conspicuous – and fabulous – thing in this kitchen is the hexagonal wall-tiles.

they add more patterns to the kitchen which makes it look cooler and more authentic. the glass door cabinet is also a clever. it keeps platers and knick-knacks under supervision. and you can find what you are looking for easily without opening the door. lastly, a yellow decorative light and a pink planter box on the center of kitchen table steals attention most people

visited this area for the first time. 5.vintage kitchen remodel idea the combination of furniture derived from the previous era and the use of pops of colors highlights the vintage style of this kitchen. instead of using marble, butcherblock countertop is chosen because it complements the wood flooring beautifully.

the white cabinets and open shelves conceal flaws of the exposed brick chimney perfectly and that should give you a design inspiration. lastly, blue and teal hues color combination absorbed from pots and accessories in the kitchen perks the kitchen’s look up without making it look exaggerated. 4.grey kitchen cabinets when stepping into this kitchen,

flowery tiles will welcome you with minor psychedelic effect that will stay in your brain for a while. a functional white and gold pendant light installed as distraction. and it comes with knobs and faucets with similar color pattern. cabinets come in gray color and i have to be honest it complements

all elements used in this area well. lastly, an oval butcherblock tray lies on the worktop, holding kitchen utensils and condiments in place. completed with four floating shelves, the author gives any chef working in this room easy access to any glass wares he/she has. 3.cozy breakfast counter under the window if you are tight in budget and longing for a fresher look

and more functional kitchen, you don’t have to change all the things in it. you will only need to repaint your kitchen and have an additional piece of furniture like a breakfast counter. on this corner, you can tuck away your pancake and slurp your morning coffee while enjoying the view and scenery of your backyard

(if you have any). and to make it better, hang white curtains with some tints of green. with this idea, morning news is not the only point of view you or your children have when they breakfast. 2.modern farmhouse small kitchen makeover classic ambience is all you can see in this kitchen. the use of white subway tiles

conjures up the image of previous trend. the pendant light hanging over the sink accentuates a classic trend of a farmhouse style. the author uses a long rod and some s hooks to maximize space and minimize clutters (including to hold the kitchen utensils). that’s idea you can legally steal if you have a same issue in your kitchen right now. lastly, you can find a small chalkboard

next to the cabinet. it designed to hold and control shopping list, weekly menus, and how to cook-list. for some, traditional checking lists are better than any apps available inside any latest smartphone or appstores. before we get to number 1, i suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you,

and bell icon beside it. that's way, you will receive a new notification directly in your mailbox every time i publish a new video. 1.small kitchen makeover on a budget and here we go. the last, but not least, a kitchen makeover idea from an author with limited budget.

this makeover idea entails a lot of paint which is much more affordable than changing cabinets and sink. the focus here is repainting and you are welcomed to use any wood or tile paints you already have in your garage or saved in amazon wish list. in order to optimize space, you can scrap some wood planks

in order to produce a new open shelf. measure spaces above your fridge or stove and get your carpenty skill and tool to work. lastly, to bring harmony, hang curtains with a same color hue as furniture and cabinets you use in this area. that’s all the 10 makeover ideas for your small kitchen. i hope now you know what you should do with them

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and until that time, thanks for watching.

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