white corian kitchen countertops

white corian kitchen countertops

cleaning the kitchen counter issomething we do just about every day. yet there are some special ninja/wizardtechniques that i can teach you to make the task of cleaning your kitchen counterfaster and as close to perfection as you're probablyever going to get it. i've spent eight yearsfiguring out the best way to clean kitchen counters,and today you're going to learn my secrets.so let's go. ♪ [music] ♪ first we need to figure outwhat material your counter is.

it can be quartz like mine.it could be granite, marble, which are stone.it could be laminate, corian, formica, tile and grout, or cement,or even stainless steel. i think that coversprobably most of the counters you're goingto see out there in the world. now since youtube favorsshorter videos, i'm not going to get into all the specifics and careinstructions for each material. but what you can do is paya quick visit to the manufacturer's or installer's website or play itlike the '90s and just pick up

the phone and call them and find outexactly what they recommend for care. some general basicsi can give you are these. counters don't like heat, abrasivematerials, and vinegar will ruin natural and manmade stone countertops.and bleach, don't even think about it. it will probably stain almost anycounter surface, and if you want to disinfect your counters,i've got a way for you to do it. let's just cover some generalcare tips for your counters, regardless of what kind you have. always use a trivet or a rack whenanything hot comes out of the stove

or the oven, because heatcan permanently damage a surface. wipe up all your spills asap.if not, they're going to set and become really difficult to remove.some non-porous materials, like corian, are impervious to stains.but still, why risk it? use the most basic cleanerfor daily care and something with a disinfectant for post-mealor contaminant clean-up. i've got recipes and videoson those topics, which i will linkdown below for you. sealants are also availablefor countertop surfaces.

a sealant is designed to prevent stainsand damage to the original surface. but since we use our kitchencounters all the time and clean them, the sealantcomes off after a while. you can reseal your countersannually and purchase the appropriate sealantat a big-box store. i know this soundscomplicated, but trust me, it is much easierthan it sounds, my friends. i myself have been there.the panic of a terrible stain setting in on your beautiful counters and thefear that that stain is going to be an

everlasting reminder of yourlaziness or bad cooking skills. but not to worry, because ihave some answers for you. firstly, you must know that certainfinishes will scratch or stain, and you can't use anythingabrasive or acidic on them. so we've got get creative.that's why it's important to know your finish and itsspecific care instructions. any method you use to removea stain on your counter must be tested in a small,hidden corner that your landlord or future home purchasersare never going to find.

once you've seenno damage, then proceed. now for scratchable surfaces,like stone, i have found great success and i've experimented like crazyin mixing up a small batch of one scoop of oxicleanto a cup of hot water, placing a piece of plastic wrap overthe stain with some of that product applied, the plastic helps keepit wet, and then leave it for about 10, 20, 30 minutesuntil the stain lifts off. and then i wipeeverything away. literally, every terrible staini've gotten on my new counter

has come right offwith that solution. now, if you don't have oxiclean,you can try using acetone or hydrogen peroxideas stain removers. again, remember to test them firstand don't mix those two items. for non-scratching surfaces, youcan try a paste of baking soda and water. apply with your finger,leave for a few minutes, and then wipe in a circular motionto buff out the stain. you can also trya magic eraser, but again, be careful and testin a hidden area first.

it's a good habit to keep a clothand a spray bottle filled with your countertop cleaner of choice aroundand to create a habit of wiping up after you've used the kitchen.for example, if i'm making a snack, once i'm done, i'll just wipe the counterup, rinse the cloth and air-dry it out. now for anything with potentialcontaminants, say when i'm preparing the cat's raw food meals,as in raw meat, i clean up by using my disinfectant, leaving theproduct for the appropriate dwell time, about five minutes,and then wiping it up with a paper towel and of coursetossing the paper towel.

now if you don't know whatdwell time is, i will put a video down below for you to check out. if you're looking to give your kitchena thorough cleaning, this is the truest, bluest, most proper wayto clean your kitchen counter. working clockwise, removeeverything from the surface. work in sections to make this easier.place items on the section of the counter to your right or on thekitchen table or even on the floor. then spray your counterwith your cleaner of choice. let the product sit for theappropriate dwell time.

then wipe with a microfiber clothusing an s pattern. flip the cloth over and buffit dry to remove streaks. then get down to eye level and checkfor stains, spot, or crumbs. touch the counter upwith anything that you've missed. finally, replace each item,wiping it clean over the floor or the sinkas you replace it. repeat this as you workyour way around the counter. and if you want to bemother-in-law clean, line your items up paralleland perpendicular to the edge

of the counterto ensure clean lines. i'd say we've learned a lot today.haven't we? kitchen counters arecomplex little beings who need lots of loveand special attention. but when they're caredfor properly, they'll keep you healthy and makeyour kitchen truly shine. now, if you don't know whatdwell time is or how to make your own countertop cleaners,or how to properly clean your kitchen sink so that it's niceand sparkly, don't worry.

i've got you covered.i've put all those videos in the description boxdown below for you. so clean my spacenation, tell me: what's your kitchen countercleaning routine? that's quite a mouthful --kitchen counter cleaning routine. anyway, let me know in thecomments down below, because i'm very curiousabout how you do it. also remember, i check instagramabout 32,479 times a day. so please feel free to tag mein your cleaning, cat, or food

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getting back from vacationand trying to catch up on everything. so if i don't get back to your commentson those videos, i do apologize. but trust me, i have been readingthem, and i love your questions. so thank you so, so muchfor asking and, of course, for your wonderful comments.see you soon.

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