white company kitchen

white company kitchen

so you're looking to give your kitchen a brandnew look - without braking the bank on whole new set of cabinetry. then consider having your kitchen cabinetsrefinished by the experts at paintcore finishes. refinishing is the art of taking your old,tired, and out-of-date wood kitchen cabinets, and making them look like new. because we keep the design and layout of yourexisting cabinetry; you can have the look and feel of a brand new kitchen - at a fractionof the cost. take a look at one of our jobs from startto finish and you'll understand why so many people are choosing to refinishing their kitchenseveryday.

first we pick up your doors and any removablepanels. then we bring them back to our facility wherewe clean, sand, prime and spray them into a butter smooth factory finish in any coloror paint-style that you like. once your doors are complete we come backto your home and spray out your cabinet structure just like this ..... we mask every square inch of your kitchenand in-close the area to create a controlled environment. then we spray that same smooth finish on theexisting parts of your cabinet structure to give your cabinets that "just bought these"look!!

this is our recipe for a successful cabinetrespraying job. unlike choosing new cabinetry, where you onlyhave a small selection of colour options. refinishing allows you to choose from hundredsof different colors and paint styles to give your kitchen the perfect look you're searchingfor. the entire process from start to finish willbe completed in 10 business days. and with paint core spending just 1 to 2 daysin your home, you can maintain a functional kitchen while we are respraying your cabinetdoors at our shop. the entire process is so easy that you don'teven have to take out what you have in your cabinets!

call us today at 647-287-7232 for your freeestimate or visit us online at www.paintcore.ca for more information.

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