Big Wall Decor Living Room

Big Wall Decor Living Room. A tall potted plant, as seen in this living room from Los Angeles-based interior designer Wendy Haworth, is one of the easiest ways to add interest to a wall area. This living room wall decor combines a variety of elements from nautical and woodsy design.

Large Wall Art For Living Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration
Large Wall Art For Living Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration (Leah Fuller)
Hang a gallery wall of thrift store finds, cover the walls in patterned paper, or put antiques collections on display—there are countless ways to show off your personality and bring a boring living room to life. Well, this is the same wall with a gallery of four art pieces and layered decor on the table below it. Plenty of Home Décor to Choose From.

Dramatic hues can drench a large living room,.

There is no taping, painting, or really even that much planning required to mount this super cool geometric design.

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Large Wall Art For Living Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

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If you are looking for an overnight transformation of your dining or living room, check out this incredible stick-on wall design. Whatever this vital room means to you, show it off with our magnificent collection of curated art. Hanging mirrors is an easy and tasteful way to fill a bare wall.

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