white canister sets kitchen

white canister sets kitchen

everybody loves raymond is one of the mostsuccessful sitcoms of all time. it was a ratings juggernaut for cbs, has generatedsix international spinoffs, and catapulted the careers of several members of the cast. but as with any hollywood success story, there'salways a darker side to the glitz and glamour. these are the secrets that one of america'sfavorite sitcom families tried to hide. salary standoff in 2003, ray romano negotiated a one-yeardeal that made him the highest paid actor on television, earning $1.8 million dollarsper episode. as the star of the show, romano had alwaysbeen paid much more than the rest of the cast,

but in light of his record-breaking seasoneight raise, the rest of the cast, particularly brad garrett, seized on an opportunity torenegotiate their own contracts. what happened was garrett refused to showup for the taping of the first episode of the season and demanded a raise, accordingto the washington post. patricia heaton, who played ray's wife, quote,"called out sick," and both doris roberts and peter boyle, romano's tv mom and dad followedher lead. the message was clear, but garrett also madeit a point to say that there was no ill will toward romano from the rest of the cast. "my wallet is so big, i forgot to pay therest of the cast!

ahh!" the network quickly came to the bargainingtable and offered raises to the cast, as well as lucrative back-end deals that cut themin on syndication profits worth an estimated $20 million dollars per actor. unpaid wages even though she played the perpetually overworkedand underappreciated matriarch of the barone household, patricia heaton apparently didn'tsee the irony in allegedly requiring her part-time assistant to work more hours than she wassupposed to. "i work very hard to the keep the house upand running.

i guess i feel, you know, kind of unappreciated…" according to tmz, heaton's ex-assistant, jenniferlee, filed a lawsuit in 2009 seeking unpaid wages in the amount of $7,425, plus "overtimeand additional expenses." lee claims heaton fired her after inquiringabout the unpaid wages, and also alleges that she was told by heaton that her child was"'becoming a problem' because of the work schedule." it's unclear what ultimately happened withthe lawsuit, but if any of lee's claims are even remotely true, it would be pretty badconsidering that $20 million syndication bonus the actress was earning.

loss of a cast member in a shock to both his real family and tvfamily alike, sawyer sweeten, who played geoffrey barone on the show, killed himself while visitingfamily in texas in april of 2015. in a statement given to people, sawyer's parentsstressed that their son did not suffer from "textbook depression" and that he was "happy,upbeat and loving." his mother, elizabeth, elaborated in an interviewwith larry king: "over the course of those eight days, youknow, if he felt, you know suicidal, and he both times, you know his dad had asked himand i had ask him, and both times he said 'no.'"

but during a later appearance on the dr. ozshow, both sawyer's twin brother, sullivan, and his mother shed some additional lighton sawyer's struggles. "we both definitely enjoyed being on the show. i think it was afterwards when we realizedhow much school we missed and how little we got to socialize with other kids." the toxicology screening revealed that sawyerhad marijuana in his system at the time of his death. and his cousin, jacklyn stines, came forwardto speculate that the teen likely suffered from depression.

stines told radar online, "there is a historyof depression in the family, all through. many of them are on medication for depression." the secret divorce in brad garrett's memoir, when the balls drop,he couldn't be more candid about his divorce, particularly the alimony payments, which helikens to "paying for the lease on a car after turning it in, while someone else is drivingit." but while he and his wife's legal separationwas going down, neither one uttered a word about it in public. "it's all for the best, i'm much happier nowthan i used to be."

according to usa today, garrett and his ex-wife,jill diven, even kept the secret from their own families until just days before the newsof their split hit the press. managing to completely avoid any tabloid interference,garrett and diven each maintain that there is no ill will between them. garrett said, "our no. 1 focus is our kidsand parenting. we will always be friends because we willnever be single parents. we will always be two parents." that's a nice sentiment, especially for thekids, although garrett almost never stops joking how much money the divorce cost him.

"i lost a house, a couple cars. uh, yeah. been divorced." improper theater conduct though comedy veteran fred willard didn'thave a huge part on the show, he made his role as robert barone"s father-in-law memorable,racking up three emmy awards in only 14 total appearances. and that's why his arrest at an adult theaterin 2012, makes seeing him in raymond reruns that much more embarrassing.

"hey, what happened?" according to tmz, willard was caught touchinghimself inappropriately when the lapd entered the tiki theater for a routine anti-prostitutionenforcement check. and although both willard and the theatermanager continually maintained the actor's innocence, willard eventually entered andcompleted a "diversion program" so that he could avoid a public lewdness trial, accordingto cbs news. the comedy legend took the whole incidentin stride, and he even seemed like he was willing to talk about it publicly, like duringhis appearance on late night with jimmy fallon. "it's the last time i'm gonna listen to mywife when she says, 'why don't you go out

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