white cabinets kitchen ideas

white cabinets kitchen ideas

you should already have that moment when you are in a hurry in the morning, but you still have to prepare your kids’ breakfast. it’s hectic, and worse, when a cereal box you need already abandoned their post without leaving you any notification first. you’re not alone. i am here because i want to help you end this situation.

this is a list of 10 diy kitchen cabinet ideas that will help you get rid of clutter without making you hard up. pay attention and i hope you can take at least one of them for yourself. as usual, this list is compiled for you by simphome.com 10.reorganizing kitchen cabinet without remodeling don’t have enough time to do a kitchen remodeling? one idea you can follow is reorganizing your pantry.

first, you need to get your hand on expandable shelf (tiered shelf) organizer from madesmart and view plastic bins and metal shelves from the containerstore, chalkboard labels, and lastly, chalk marker. these items will make you around $55 poorer but i bet you’ll get your roi back under a year. not in cash though, but time. a rumor said it is more expensive than money.

anyway, stock your tiered shelf organizer inside your cabinets and leave some space for taller bottles. this solution will comfort your canned foods and at the same time give you easier access to your cans. compare to conventional idea where you have to unload everything first. group your dried fruits and jams inside plastic bins

you already bought but first use your chalkboard labels and chalkmarker to mark your bins. resist temptation to cramp salsa jars inside nuts bins and you’re good to go. restore your supplies and new organizers and continue discipline yourself not to compromise nuts jars with salsa jars

under any circumstances. that’s it. 9.over-the-door spice rack besides your creativity, ones that also play a crucial role in producing delicious foods are your spices. they are like your ammo when you’re in a war. the more spices you have, the better.

but, wait! what if you just realized running out enough space to store your spices in your cabinets? easy option, cramp them all. wiser choice! hang them over your cabinets’ door. you can screw 2 tier kitchen spice rack cabinet/shelf there, try over the door shelves closet hack,

or stick spice gripper clip strips you can get from amazon or ebay. for the last idea, you ‘ll need around $10 or $12 investment. other than that, keep playing this video. 8.under cabinet spice rack if you already jammed your cabinets with spices and condiments, you need to follow this idea

to endorse more space for your spices. you’ll need some carpentry skill, hammers, screwdrivers, chains, locking mechanisms, and your leap of faith. this space storage solutions made out of hardwood and if you want to know more, i need you following link inside a description. it will lead you to unavailable amazon products with a blank price

and a similar product that garnered 3044 reviews (mostly positive) that could make you $44.99 less rich. 7.extra storage above the cabinets if a limited kitchen space is your fixed destiny, it doesn’t mean you’re cursed to have one or two options to indulge your kitchen utensils for the rest of your life. spaces above or under your cabinets for instance. you can use them

not only to stack your ugly carboard boxes. you can craft extra cabinets made of used planks and clear cabinet doors or mosquito net wire mesh there. with this idea, not only you’ll have new spaces for your pots and pans but also, you’ll fill in a gap between your cabinets and ceiling that you usually used to wallow in dust and spider webs.

lastly, get a steal rod and a ladder hacked with ball caster wheels and this picture will be part of your real world. 6.modern farmhouse kitchen sometimes, sprucing up a kitchen is not always about ditching clutter, but creating a new look that highlights and boost an artistic style. this kitchen, for example, features some white cabinets

with antique black tee hinges on their doors. these hinges add nuance to this kitchen and to acquire this idea you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars. first, remove them from your cabinet. second, if your hinges are rusty, use chemical cleaner to clean them. third, spray paint them and repeat for few times and lastly, use clear topcoat

over your new painted hinges if you feel have to. it’s optional. 5.ditch the cabinet’s doors and reorganize your drawer cabinet doors should jazz your kitchen style up. but if they just hamper you from getting your platers easily, just throw them away! i am not kidding. you’ll be fine without any cabinet doors.

unless roaches already invaded your cabinet once. after ditching theses doors, install a new plate rack inside it. a simple one would be just fine as long as it fits your cabinet and can hold your plates in place. another thing that you need to work on is your messy drawer. you can double it.

but before that you’ll need a drawer slide, poplar boards, a wood glue, nailer with 1" brad nails, measuring tape, plywood (for bottom of drawer), sanding block, jig saw, drill and screw driver. with this idea you’ll obviously able to store more spoons, forks, and butter knives. get the detail inside description area. 4.pull-out storage

this custom work will reclaim awkward space inside your cabinet that is too small for your mugs, cups, or plates but just perfect for your multiple spice jars. installing them will require some woodworking techniques. and if you’re up for this challenge, first, make sure your shelf is one inch smaller in width and height

than the opening as you’re going to add slides that will enable you to pull the shelf out and in. 3.tray and plate divider as an avid baker, you must have various kinds of trays. they come in different sizes or shapes. that’s why, sometime, stacking them up insidea cabinet is quite challenging. first, you definitely need to install some dividers

in your cabinet in order to create tabs. by doing this, you can lower your kitchen-supplies-conflicts rate that usually irritate your mood every time you want to cook your own meal. 2.pull-out shelves inside the cabinet finding a tiny thing at the back part of the cabinet triggers trauma for some people and it could be worse if it is already covered

with jars and bottles. there is no way to get it without unloading all the things already in the shelf first. luckily, you don’t have to go through it if you install pull-out shelves inside your cabinets. these shelves are just like any ordinary ones, but, they can be pulled out so you can get a better view of what is inside your cabinet easily.

even better, with this hack, you can get any spices you need even if you already cramped them at the back of your shelf. before we get to number 1, i suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you, and bell icon beside it. that's way, you will receive a new notification

directly in your mailbox every time i publish a new video. 1.dividers for more efficient pots and pans organization big and bulky pots do take up lots of space because you can’t stack them up if you store them along with their lids. under this situation, i think, storing them separately is only legit idea you have left. first, make dividers from any boards

you can get with your budget. they will give fine spaces for your lids and at the same time, they will make your pans and pots storage looks tidier and more organized. check one and only link inside description area to learn more. that’s all 10 diy kitchen cabinet ideas that will keep your supplies organized

as well as improving the look of your kitchen. most of them are cheap or at least flex with your budgets. that’s it, before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share it with anyone inside your close friend or family list. come back again next time

with more home or decorating ideas. and until that time, thanks for watching.

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